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    Beggars in our Country: whether to encourage or to eradicate?

    No single day passes without seeing a beggar in our country. Wherever you go, their network follows. Whether it be a temple, bus, train, bus stand, railway station, signal junction, mela or religious celebrations, we witness their presence everywhere. People of different age groups including some who are fully healthy can also be seen begging. Sometimes very small children are also used for the profession.

    Our country is moving very fast to become a developed one in all spheres of activities. Any political party heading the government, announces so many schemes focusing on poverty. So many efforts are being taken by every government to eradicate poverty. But we have never seen any scheme or at least any statement from any government to see a beggar-less India. At times we see transporting of beggars at the time of organizing international events like the common wealth games.

    In the present scenario, what is your opinion whether the beggars are to be encouraged with some alms or should they be eradicated fully with some schemes from the government?
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    It is not beggars but begging which needs to be eradicated. Begging should be made illegal so that no poor person remains financially dependent on the rich.
    Alternatives like benefit schemes,long time paying jobs should be made available for people who can't the earn for a living.
    For those suffering from disease or disability, pensions should be provided so that they don't have to beg.
    Strong steps like these will also remove the social evils of child abuse, child begging.

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    Ofcourse nobody will support encouraging beggars or begging. Everyone wish to see India with no beggars. Begging should be eradicated. When we see a beggar we should not encourage him by offering him money. There are many beggars in India who beg just because of their laziness. If we offer them with money or food, they will be encouraged to beg more. Also there are many beggars whose income is quite good through begging. I have heard them earning around 200-300 per hour in a day. If a person is genuinely in need of money, if he is not physically capable of working then we can help them out. But government should help such people by setting up some work.

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    For that matter one cannot generalize the beggars. There are genuine poor who are unable to get one square meal a day and they have to beg or borrow to survive. There are some people who made begging as the profession and they wont stop it even some good alternatives are provided by the government. And there are some beggars who are operating in a organized ring. That means a gang is operating them and that is having wide network. So what I mean to say here that changing a single beggar who came to this profession my mistake is easy by providing rehabilitation but changing other two varieties of people is really difficult and they would prevail. While encouraging a beggar is purely left to the privilege of a donor, but eradicating the begging menace is possible, if the government provides them the opportunity to earn in decent way at the rehab homes itself.
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    Begging- many poor people find it easiest way to earn money and once they begin to get this money easily the need of hard work in their lives vanishes, they don't even try find work.
    We are one of the very younger nation among the other nations of world but in our case youth of country has become liablity rather than becoming an asset and one of the reason is this practice also.
    But we want more assets for our country instead of liablity so government and society together need to curb up this problem of poverty by providing skill and work to these people.

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    It is not possible to eradicate the beggars. In Tamilnadu during 1971, the state government introduced Beggars Rehabilitation scheme . Under this, in the outskirts of major cities special homes were constructed by the State Government and taken all beggars from the cities and accommodate them in those houses. But immediately after some month the scheme went out. Eradication is not possible but we can avoid offering them with money as many of them misuse the amount into activities other than food. Once in the New Delhi railway station, on the way to our trip to Beas,Punjab, happened to wait for some hours. On seeing an aged beggar, my wife offered him some chapatis and dhal but to our shock he threw away them on the rail lines and took a bottle of wine from his packet and started to drink by moving with his back on the platform.

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    Beggars are, no doubt, a menace; especially when they start pestering you for alms when you are in a public place. We all may be unequivocal when it comes to the question of eradicating begging, but is it really possible? Begging is a social problem and is unfortunately a part of the vicious circle our society is in.

    Poverty or disability are not the only reasons for this growing menace; there are many other issues related to it including the functioning of a strong mafia which convert begging into a business. There may be a lot who beg actually due to being unable to do any work and earn for themselves and there are also those who have got habituated to this easy way of living but the most corrupt are those who work ( or are forced to work) for gangs who are primarily involved in the business.

    I think we must use our wisdom while giving away alms. We must not encourage begging as such but must also be kind enough to those who are really in need. If observed closely, it is not very difficult make out whether a person is begging because he has no other way. The tone and mannerisms of beggars at different levels vary and we must use our best judgement to differentiate.

    Rehabilitation of beggars have most of the time yielded negative results due to various reasons but we must keep the efforts on and try to reduce the number of people stretching out their hands before you for alms. It is not easy, but a concerted effort from different quarters may bring in positive results in the long (?) run.

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