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    Do you like puppets? Certainly not one of this kind, never.

    My place is now facing elections to the Gram Panchayat, Nagar Parishad, and Mahanagar Palika.

    What I observe and really don't like from bottom of my heart is that of fielding puppet candidates. There are certain seats which are reserved for women. This reservation is to empower and bring women as leaders in our Indian political dais. But the picture is different than the purpose for which we are doing this. There are candidates from the family of the politician who had earlier contested from that seat but cannot stand now as it is reserved. What they are doing is to bring their wife or a close female relative to stand in the election. What I feel is they are put forward as a puppet and the actual director is different.

    Will this really serve the purpose?

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    Yes I am totally against the concept of fielding the wife or the daughter of the same candidate citing reservation and then ruling proxy way. This is the clear mockery of democracy. In my ward which is reserved for the women, the erstwhile corporator fielded his wife and got elected. Now every decision of the ward problems should be brought to the notice of the husband and our elected corporator woman not seen at all. Again the same old problem persists. We thought being women our civic woes would be addressed by her, but her husband is wielding the power that irritates every voter.
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    This is really a sorry state of affair as well as adverse for the growth of a democracy that people are keeping the puppets in front and directing from the background.

    What more unfortunate can happen to a republic then this that capable and able persons are blocked to come to political forefronts by the scoundrels.

    Sometimes I feel that there should be some basic educational qualification for people entering politics. In fact better could have been some entrance examination type thing for them so that the foolish as well as cheats are filtered at the first instance.

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    Politicians play different games to keep power in their hands and fielding wife or daughter when a constituency is converted into a reserved one is only one among them. But why should we complain or feel bad about it when the ultimate power lies in our hands? Let us decide that we will not vote for such proxy candidates irrespective of our political inclinations. Politicians do receive and register messages which the voters convey through the ballot and they will be forced to take corrective measures in due course. Though not directly related to the thread, let me also put it across that same is the case with political parties fielding candidates with criminal background. We must exercise our franchise wisely to eradicate such malpractices from our democratic process.
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    The whole idea of reserved seats was to empower womens but in many cities and villages womens are contesting in election but nothing has changed in their life, they still don't have any power niether at home nor in panchayat. On their name their husband, sons and fathers are using that power.
    These kind of things should be tracked down and immediate action should be taken to improve the conditions of women and empower them.

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