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    You can cheat anyone but not your subconscious mind

    There are so many people in this world who cheat everyone. They lie a lot, they fool people, they cheat people in one or the other way. They will be clever enough to make people trust them. People will not even have a clue that they are being cheated or the person is lying. But deep inside, the person who is lying or cheating cannot cheat his subconscious mind. His subconscious mind will know that he is doing wrong. He might feel guilty for that or definitely one or the other day he might regret for doing it. One can never escape his subconscious mind.
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    Rightly said by the author. Those who respect their own words and follow the consciousness would never stoop to cheat any one. But we are living among the cheaters who feel that their every act of fooling others would go unnoticed. Some people are cheating their own children, some people are cheating their own relations and some children are cheating their own parents. When the bad thing happens to them and the time comes for confession or revelation, then they would realize the the great mistake they have done. Till then the cheating would takes place unmindful of subconscious mind.
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    It is true.One can never escape his subconscious mind.We get ,What we give.We get results of our actions.When people cheat others they feel themselves clever.But , at last they realize their mistakes or they are cheated by others.When people realize their mistakes ,there is too late.This leads problems of Hypertension.They live in fear and anxiety.The fear and anxiety lead heart problems.Some times it leads mental disorder.
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    On contrary I think we lie to ourselves a lot. We cheat our subconscious mind everyday.
    We face seemingly impossible obstacles everyday. Obstacles so hard to overcome that your mind begs you to withdraw. But you lie. You lie to yourself that you can do it without breaking a sweat. You cheat on your mind and come out of the obstacle with flying colors.
    You overcame your challenges because you lied your mind into it.

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    Yes, there are people who are cunning in making others fool at financial, emotional and knowledge level and we should aware about such people and avoid our loss of money, time and peace.

    On the contrary, I do not agree that our subconscious mind knows that we are cheating or doing good of the others. Our subconscious mind is neutral in such context. Our subconscious mind works on our calling whether it is positive or negative. It acts accourding to what we are feeding it either positivity or negativity. If we feed strong moral character then our subconscious mind fill guilty if we do anything wrong to anybody or to ourselve and it works vice versa.

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    Would it be right if I say that the subconscious mind of a person who cheats or lies or does a wrong thing will prick him only if his conscious mind feels that he is doing something wrong? A person who is telling a lie for the first time or due to some valid reason or does a wrong unintentionally may regret doing so but for one who is a habitual lair or has a criminal bent of mind won't be bothered at all about any of his wrong doings. The subconscious mind registers our characteristics and habits and tend to remind our conscious mind only when there is some deviation from the regular mode. So, in that context, I don't think making a general statement that one cannot cheat his subconscious mind would be applicable in all cases.
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    I totally agree with the author that a person can cheat anyone can make fool to anyone , but his subconscious mind (or in hindi "antaraatma") keep warning him/her over habit of lying and cheating people. Such people remain in continuous cycles of dilemma and confusions and thus ends up making themselves biggest fools and cheating with their own life . Even after knowing what is right? and what is wrong? they keep suppressing their inner voice and fake everything.
    If a person wants to live in peace and harmony at least he should not lie to himself.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Very true. One can cheat every one but not his subconscious mind.
    One can cheat others for temporary gains but there will be times when he will be defeated by his own conscious and will not be able to win over his subconscious.
    There are many instances when such people went into utter confusion and pain due to guilt and self realization of the misdeeds conducted.
    The reputation of such people is also at stake as with time people start understanding their inferior motives and start ignoring them and that is the time they feel their selves alone and stranded in the society.
    So you can escape from society but can not from your self. And your self will be tormenting you throughout your life.

    Knowledge is power.

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