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    Why different followers to different leaders of the same political party?

    This thread pertains to Tamilnadu politics. Why different followers to different leaders of the same political party? When AIADMK supremo Amma Ms.Jayalalitha went to jail in a disproportionate asset case, the public of Tamilnadu, especially the ladies, cried and made an ocean of tears, . They worshiped and offered prayers for the release of Ms. Jayalalitha. Now, the self-claimed AIADMK supremo Chinnamma Ms. Sasikala Natarajan went to Papana Agrahara jail in Bengaluru. None of the public of Tamilnadu shed tears and no one seems to be worshiping and praying for her release. Why?.... Why?.... Why?.... After all, Sasikala Natarajan too is a lady who leads the AIADMK party.
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    This is called personality cult. Each person has their own followers and liker and that cannot be imposed or sought with force. If Jaya was admired, followed and prayed means she could solicit that much respect among the public especially the poor. The way she connected with them with so many freebies which was promised and delivered, the poor feels she is the real goddess. But whereas VKS was seen as the friend and helper to Jaya and never considered as the leader nor Jaya projected her as leader during her life. Therefore like other ordinary person, VKS has not got any special feeling for the TN public. Actually the TN voters feel that they are betrayed. Even when Jaya went to jail, she nominated OPS as her care taker and not VKS. Now Shashikala tried snatch the post that was prevented by court now. Still VKS is winner as she is ruling from jail.
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    Ms. Jayalalitha came into politics and struggled hard and climbed up the ladders with the help of MGR, After her cinema life, she dedicated herself to the politics. She gained experience by being the propaganda secretary of AIADMK under MGR. Moreover, she had the mass with her. She was an able administrator and lured the minds of the Tamils. She had done good to the Tamil with freebies to all. Hence the tears made an ocean

    Whereas, Sasikala was only a friend and assistant to help Ms. JJ who had no one to take care of her at home. Sasikala worked like an Aayah to Jayalallitha, and JJ never wanted her to mingle with politics. She always kept her away. When she smelled Sasikala's political ambition and money making attitude, JJ kicked her out from Poes Garden. Sasikala with a conspiracy joined back with due apology. Finally, what happened is the history. The whole of Tamillnadu knows the real face Sasikala who acquired asset disproportionate to her income. No Tamil likes this Mannargudi lady and her family. So no tears from the public and TN is dry with acute shortage of water. .

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    There is a big difference between the two. Jaya Lalita can't be compared with Sasikala. She ruled the state in four different occasions and popular among the poor. Also the stardom she had makes her above anyone in TN politics. While Sasikala is a political novice and has no popular image except the brand of close aide of JJ. I doubt, people may be thinking JJ is innocent and became victim for the acts of the Mannargudi team. The verdict is against JJ as well but people and other politicians have not taken it seriously as the VKS group is the main target of the day in the political encounter.

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