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    Suggestion to PM and RBI; Ban new 2000 rupee notes to check wide spread corruption.

    Now that the new 1000 rupee note is ready for release, a suggestion from me to the Prime Minister Narender Modi and also to RBI to immediately ban the new 2000 rupee notes which seems to have already gained the distinction of have so many fake notes coming across the border and being circulated fast. By doing so, the tricksters inside the bank and those who obtained the new 2000 rupees notes through gullible means during demonetization period could be punished and total corrupt free India can be established.
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    Yes, it is the right time to ban 2000 note as it has already met it's intended purpose.
    In fact with time the Govt may even ban 1000 note also as people are to be discouraged to hoard high value notes.
    Frequent changing of currencies is a costly affair for any Govt but it gives the desired result in minimum time and once the black money hoarders get the message they will become very cautious in not hoarding the current currencies.

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    How about changing the valid denomination notes on a monthly basis? Will that be a better choice to fight corruption and to prevent hoarding of money?
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    Saji you made a interesting suggestion and that can also be taken into purview. One thing sure, now onward government can take sudden and harsh decision on note ban without giving much role to hoarders.
    K Mohan
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    Yes. It is the right time and time high to ban the newly introduced Rs. 2000 currency notes as it has not solved the corruption. Still it is seen as black money in the form of pink money in the hands of corrupt people who managed to engage the bank managers who also became corrupt due to the demonetization. Modi should ban 2000 and introduce new 1000 currency notes with stringent measures to punish the bank authorities involving in corrupt practices.

    This can be announced on 31 March 2017.

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    I am really stunned! Is it a joke? Why should the Government cancel the newly-introduced Rs. 2000/- notes? I know that most modern technology has been used in this currency. there is no question of withdrawing this note.
    At the same time, the Members are informed that the Government has yesterday announced that it has no plan to re-introduce Rs. 1000/- currency note. The rumour regarding re-introduction of Rs. 1000/- notes/issue of new Rs. 1000/- notes must not be believed.

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    Partha there are two reasons for seeking ban. One the notes have been duplicated across the border and two the bankers have earned a lot through liberally giving away the notes to their known people and that should be retrieved now and accounted for.
    K Mohan
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    Banning Rs.2000/- note may be good, but is it going to do the purpose?
    The bank managers are very well educated and earning reasonably well with many privileges like loans with very negligible rates of interest and many more. Many of these managers don't have ethics, its look like. They helped politicians and businessmen in converting their black money to white. The top man is very ethical and common public cooperated with him. But this middle men spoiled the show. Unless otherwise the ethical values of persons in execution level improves , I think nothing will change in the country. Going for cash less transaction is the only solution I think.

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    Good suggestion, and many of us will also agree that the 2000 note is fresh in the market and it will be very difficult for the government to ban new note which created lots of chaos in the society, but lets hope that the government do so because at last the final verdict will be from the government.
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    It's only been a month when government banned Rs 1000 And Rs 500 notes , that too costed a lot to government , though it was in general interest to curb corruption. But agin banning in short run will create a big chaos in country. Second , one of the motive was to force people to use plastic cards for day to day life expenses. Government already said they won't be printing the same amount of currency , So people have to use plastic cards. And again banning can create whole lot of problem , and PM ko api kurshi ka bhi too dekhna hai.

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