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    That’s where your success begins….

    "It is not whether you knocked down; it's whether you get up".

    In the process of reaching a target, failures are bound to happen. Unless you dig out the reason for your failure and take a remedial action to rectify the error, failures continue to happen and don't think that all failures are stepping stones to success. Have you ever observed the feelings of a person who has lost after putting lot of his efforts? He may have exhibited the sportsmanship but his coolness simply focuses him to search out the reason for his failure. Here lies the true wisdom of a great warrior and his making of his journey towards success.

    Few days back India was celebrating the success of our own ISRO which created history by putting 104 Nano-satellites in the orbit successfully and the launch was applauded by one and all. But there would be some untold failures which can't be shared due to strategic reasons. Here, the scientists have to console themselves and be determined for the next successful launch. Similarly, whatever be the reasons, we may be knocked down many times and it all depends on how we make an attempt to get up. That's where your success begins….
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    Success is always over shadowed and followed by failures but with wisdom and great courage one can determine to take remedial action even after last minute to avoid a possible loss or face saving act. Some times when we go on the road we suddenly take alternate route to reach the destination rather than the regular route. The decision may be sudden and not pre-planned but later when we realize that had we taken the regular route there was a big traffic jam and could not reach the destination in time to which we are bound to reach. Hence some decisions are not destined with success alone and even our intuition guides us to right path
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Generally we all are inspired by the success stories of the scientists involved in launch of satellites, missiles etc. But we can't imagine the pathetic situation when the efforts go in vain and the launch fails subsequently. I have personally seen the failure of its initial launch of a missile from the Glass box of a Mission control room. After few months, it rewrote its story and the grand success was hailed by everyone.

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    Jagdish, failures is natural in a person and of course scientists are also going to err because launching of satellite is the inclusive participation of cooperation of all the fellow scientists and even if one lag behind the entire mission goes for toss. Some launches may not have been publicized nor shown live on television. Even people know that this is the technology aspect and much coordination needed among all for the perfect launch, therefore making pre-run launching is the best way to get better towards ultimate progress and achievement and I think ISRO scientists are in right track.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is said that failures are the corridor to success.
    Irrespective of foolproof methods failures happen and sometimes set backs are inevitable.
    A child starts to learn to walk and falls many times before he finally able to walk. This is the human strength and spirit.
    So we should have the fighting spree and courage to take failures in a sporting way and continue going ahead to pursue our goals.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is said that failures are stepping stones for success This is true only if you analyse your failure , understand the reasons for your failure , take corrective actions and go forward. Simply attempting again and again will not serve the purpose. Here I want to share my experience. I was in my Graduation. I completed all the subjects of 1st and 2 nd year with an aggregate of about 70%. In the final year my performance was good in all the subjects but I failed in my Physics by one mark. Those days if we are not completing our subjects in one attempt, whatever may be your % of marks you will getting your degree as compartmental pass and you are not eligible for higher studies. Even getting a seat in B.Ed is also not possible. All it happened almost 40 years back. We are all worried. Only one chance is there that by cancelling our final year results of all subjects, if you attempt again all the subjects and pass in one go , you will be given class as per your percentage. I decided to go for that, I understood the reasons for my poor performance in physics.Many people warned me not to do that with a fear that I may fail in more subjects next time. But I know my strengths and weaknesses. Taken care of all those. I appeared in the next schedule of exams and cleared all the subjects with an aggregate of 3 years put together 71%.

    So I feel you will be definitely successful if you anal;yse the reasons of failure and take care of them.

    always confident

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    It is failures ,which make us strong to get success.Failures give us chance to correct ourselves.After preparing four or five years for exam,students leave hope.They change their tracks.Their hard labors go in vain.Getting successful means achieving the aim set before.One of my cousin brother qualified the UPSC Exam in third time.When he lost the hope ,my uncle always advised him not to doing so.He used to say you have crossed 99 steps ,only one step is to achieve.He became successful in third time.After failures we achieve success. So,we should keep hope for being successful.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    I was watching a television program recently wherein one of the participants happened to be one Dr Kartha, who had been lucky enough to start his career in the ISRO with Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. While going down the memory lane of his experiences with the great scientist and human being, Dr Kartha reminisced an incident which taught him a great lesson in life. He, basically a mechanical engineer, was responsible for the making of some important part in a rocket (PSLV, if I am not wrong). But on checking it was found that there was some error. On seeing him being dejected, Dr Kalam, who was heading the project, took him to his room and pulled out some journals from his shelf. Handing over the same to Dr Kartha, he told, 'Kartha, if you have failed now, someone must have failed earlier too. Try to see how they failed and find out how they succeeded later'. It clicked. The motivated Kartha was on his job again and was successful in finding out and correcting the error before the specified time.

    So, the lesson is that we must learn to take failures in our stride but the ultimate aim should be to succeed. We must keep our efforts on without getting bogged down by failures.

    'Don't miss the Donut by looking through the hole'- Anonymous.

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