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    Life is so uncertain. Freak accident kills husband on the spot. Very astonishing.

    I was just watching a video which was shared in the social media that husband and wife were walking down the road in a very jovial mood and suddenly a tyre ripped from the moving speed car came jumping and hit the husband on the head and he died instantly. All these has been happened with live recording on street cctv camera. The plight of the wife was inconsolable. This is one more testimony that while we walk on the road we must be alert from all side as the danger can hit us from any direction and pose danger to our life.
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    Though it is common in big cities thinking from the suffering party it is so miserable. Though we,pedestrians come in alert the passing vehicles we cannot expect. No vehicles are running with control except very few, that too elderly people. On the other hand, many accidents happening due to the continuous talking of the pillion rider to the vehicle driving person. I am seeing daily in our area a wife was talking continuously to her husband while going to the office in the morning. Are they have no time to talk or discuss in other places or if so, let them discuss in a park or hotel. without knowing the danger if they are talking like this, the rider with much hesitation has to run the vehicle and his carefulness should be more in such situations.
    I saw a video clipping of an accident in a train as the husband got alighted from the train by knowing that train was not their train but before the lady got down the train start moved and in urgency, her legs were trapped under the wheels and she totally collapsed.

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    The couple who are talking while riding may be from a joint family where they cannot talk freely in front of the family members, and even in bed room which would be heard by others. Hence they make use of their riding time to discuss their own issues. They may even show their affection while riding by chiding each other. What to do! No time at home. And no time to think about the dangers on the road.

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