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    Google is a trusted doctor today

    We all know Google is a popular search engine. We get information regarding anything and everything. When people want to know something, the very first thing they do is to search it on Google. Today Google acts as a better doctor. It has solutions for everything and even details of every tablet can be known from Google. People trust google more than their doctors. When a doctor prescribes any tablet, I have seen people searching for details about that tablet in Google before taking it. Also when they experience any pain or discomfort they first check out for solutions on Google before visiting the doctor and even after visiting doctor they check about the tablet and other things.
    So I feel Google is a trusted doctor than the real doctors.
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    Yes, I have noticed that qualified physicians also consult the materials available in Google. But that is a normal phenomenon. Earlier days doctors used to consult various journals and meical books. Nowadays, these journals and books are available online. So,it is quite natural that doctors consult the Google.

    Similarly, engineers, architects, chartere accountants, lawyers and other professionals also consult Google to update knowlege and to get latest information.

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    Yes, I agree with the author that google is a doctor for the people nowadays. I think it is a very good habit of the people to check the prescription online. Its use and content also. This will aware the people about their health. As mention by Partha google is a doctor for the patient, a teacher for the student, a student of all the field. You can get almost any information on the google. But people should follow the doctor's consultation finally after going through all the research(so called).
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    Yes some doctors may advise on medicines out of compulsions due to frequent visit of sales representative to his clinic and the drug may work or not. But on verifying the Google search engine that issue can be made clear and the patient would be assured whether right medicines are taken. Moreover the public does not know that a for same combination of medicines even affordable variety drugs are available and that details can be had from the Google. Even equivalent to imported drugs of Indian make details can be had from the Google and thus what the author said is right.
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    Yes , Google is a trusted doctor as well as a trusted guide.It helps us in searching what we want to know.No matter is left in its range.It has a good approach on all subjects.I think Google make our lives more comfortable than before.When we studied ,we used to go library,but it was difficult to find topics easily.We had doubts in our mind.It took time in clearing them.Today,, Google makes the doubt clear easily.Doctors are in contact of Google search engine ,they get a vast reports on diseases ,symptoms and those remedies.
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    I do not think it is advisable to google for medicine for any discomfort. That is a highly risky & a foolish thing to do. Do we know everything about our body? Do we know which salt reacts with another salt? Do we know our BP, blood sugar, pulse? Do we know which test should be done before deciding on the type & dosage of any medicine?

    Just a simple example:- everybody knows that one should take a paracetamol tablet in case of fever, I agree. But how many people know that fever in itself is not the main problem? Fever is due to some other illness in the body. Paracetamol may just push the fever down for four hours or so, but why does it rise again after 4-5 hours? It rises because of the basic illness which is not treated by a Paracetamol tablet. There could be an infection in the stomach, which needs to be treated alongside keeping the fever down. So, a 4-5 day antibiotic course is needed alongwith the paracetamol tab.

    Now, who will decide which antibiotic should be taken in what quantity? A 500 mg antibiotic tablet may be suitable for an adult, but if it is given to a minor, it can cause diarrhea. So, instead of helping the patient, it may cause further discomfort & may further complicate the situation.

    A qualified doctor (at least an MBBS, if not an MD medicine) is the best person to decide the course of treatment. Looking the net up for medicine and treating Google Uncle as a free doctor can be risky, I believe.

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    Isn't internet by the people? Aren't the pages and websites you visit made by people like you and me? I get it, it's about the second opinion.
    Is Google trustworthy? The same old notion comes in mind- It's on internet, it must be true.
    So what we are doing is placing our trust on millions of strangers than a professional in flesh.
    Sounds like a paradox to me.
    I believe neither in people nor on internet.I believe in research. Multiple sources give multiple answers. So which one to believe in?
    Truth is after all the majority opinion. So go through a thorough research.
    And when it comes to healthcare, I'd suggest never google your symptoms.
    Always consult a doctor first. He can examine you first hand which the internet cannot.

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