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    What is the toughest examination?

    It was a hot summer and people from different walks of life gathered at the beach to enjoy the breeze of the sea in the evening. It was really a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy after spending the Sunny day with great difficulty. The cheers of the little tots, the happy moments of the younger ones and older lot trying to pre-empt their thoughts made the surroundings more attractive.

    Journalists are the only busiest persons in our present day life and their duties have become more deadly than the marketing executives who strive hard to promote their commodities. Here, the journalists have the responsibility to earn TRP rating to their channel and they leave no place to intervene and interview. A journalist with his mike and camera spotted there and started questioning a young man who was sitting with his pretty wife and a cute daughter.

    He asked him a question – "What is the toughest examination?". The young man smiled and simply replied, "The Civil services examination". The young lady then continued and told that he was an IAS officer who got a very good rank in the Civil Services examination which made him to get the state cadre of his own state. Then he moved to another woman and asked the same. She said she could win a gold medal in her M Sc but struggled a lot to emerge winner in SLET test which made her to become a Lecturer in a Degree college. "The LIC recruitment test is the difficult one", said the other man in his turn. "An ordinary graduate can appear for Civil Services but the person who scores more than 60 has the chance of getting a call letter to attend the screening test", he added.

    A boy and a girl of XII standard simply replied what else could be difficult than the NEET/JEE examinations for admission into IITs/NITs/AIIMS/AFMC. He then moved toa small kid and asked the same question. She simply replied the test for admission into LKG taken by the school Principal for her and her parents was a difficult one.

    Everyone smiled and one old man ignoring all this was looking at the sky. Presuming him a farmer, the over smart journalist asked him whether he was hopeful of the blessing of rain god. He said in negative. Then he asked the same question – "What is the difficult examination?"

    The old man simply replied – "LIFE"
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    Wow what a nice write up from the editor which forced me to read the content more and more and found the essence of the content that there is nothing tougher exam than the life itself. Yes Indeed. Right from the infant stage and to the older age, we have been put to toughest test of life cycle. For a infant the first toughest exam is to stand, try walking and then be perfect steady walker, Then comes his talking ability. Picking those words which are spoken by father and mother. And thus he becomes expert by passing the toughest exam of learning how to talk. Then comes the schooling. How to be a student at the school and here starts his main life which is again the great exam of mingling with others and span of schooling and college goes on year after year and thus maturity also build in inside the toughest person. Thus the life goes on tackling each exam.
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    To be honest, my immediate reaction after reading the title of your post was 'life'.

    Life is an examination that tests us at every step of the way.

    That we are born is an examination in itself. Our conception itself is a race we win – think about it – millions of sperms and only one turns into 'us'. It's a race that we win. I am not being smutty here, just explaining the deeper meaning of what life's examination means.

    Each little achievement that is part of our evolution is an examination.
    We begin recognising faces; but do we do it at the same time as another baby who was born along with us?

    We begin to smile, respond, gurgle, turn, sit, crawl, stand with support, stand without support, take a few steps, learn to walk… all these are manifestations of the challenges life throws at us.

    Look at life on a bigger canvas, and what we make of it is the result of how we fared in all of the life's examinations. Not necessarily ones that grade us, but ones where we handle obstacles and come out winners or losers.

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    A very well crafted thread from Jagdish! Life is indeed the toughest examination in which we face unexpected questions in different forms and many times remain confused as to what the answers should be like. Right from birth till death we go through so many stages and situations and how we fare in all these depends on how we manage them. We have guides and teachers in different forms to help us throughout but it is ultimately the way we prepare and appear in the examination of life that matter.
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    When I read the thread title, I thought to myself that life is the toughest examination. Indeed it is tough. You never know what happens at what time. I had read somewhere when you are prepared with all the answers for life, god changes the question paper. You have to face every situation even if you are not prepared.

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    It is an excellent thread from Mr. Patro. Indeed life is the toughest examination. Everyday, all of us appear in different examinations conducted by life. Some of the life-examinations are so tough, the toughest competitive examination would be nothing in front of them. But we become stronger by these examinations conducted by life.
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    The toughest examination is one that we haven't prepared well. May it be an examination in the school or college or university or an examination in our life. According to me, one may pass any examination, but it is very difficult to pass an examination of family life. If one can succeed, he'she is the happiest person on this good earth.
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