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    Why the Congress party is loosing hold over the urban voters ?

    Probably and I am sure the Congress party is oldest party in India and having strongest grass root level workers who form a very strong support base to promote and popularize the ideal of Congress. But ever since BJP came to power, the sheen of Congress is loosing and we could see many polls in state assemblies, Municipal corporation wards and even Gram Panchayats seats are going in favor of BJP or its allies. Is that mean Congress is no more trusted by the voters especially in urban areas as most of the leaders are deep knee with corruption charges ?
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    My simple answer would be: Bluffing, corruption, majority-bashing with minority-appeasement and family-centric policy can't go side-by-side in today's modern India. Not only Congress, the political parties which indulge in these four vices, are losing their grip on voters.
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    Although ,congress party is the oldest party,but these days it is losing its grip.The main causes are the party has no leaders ,who have sacrificing attitude as old congress leaders had..No,leaders have Shastri ji attitude,No have Nehru ji attitude ,and No have Dr Rajendra Prasad attitude.These days we see the top most leaders are involved in corruption.They are spending their time in blaming others.Blaming others are n't the solution ,they should work honestly at the grass root level.
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    Yes, Congress is the oldest party. Many good politicians like Lal Bahadur Sastry, P V Narasimha Rao, Morarji Desai were from the party. Many old congress leaders worked for the country and party. But later on Mr.Nehru had converted congress party as their family party.All good leaders were kept aside and they made Indira Gandhi as PM. After her comes Rajiv Gandhi. After him Sonia gandhi managed the party in such a way that nobody will talk before her. PV Narasimharao was sidelined. Only one point agenda for her is to make Rajiv Gandhi as PM. She encouraged all second grade leaders. She encouraged corruption. There are no values and ethics. On all the above Manmohan was a dummy PM. All this put together congress has lost its groung. I feel there is no chance for a come back.
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    Lack of results.

    People in urban region are kept poor and the power and money is moved to the people with power, be it politicians or the other powerful people.

    And considering how other parties ruling instead of congress has changed days for them. It's obvious that congress will continue to lose the votes.

    People in india regardless of where they are, now turning out to be more matured. You either help them raising their lifestyle and solve their issues, or else you won't get vote.

    Congress always faked their attitude towards poor by visiting them. But never changed their life. Never did anything that changes the poverty level of this country. Never took action against scams.

    So people are now voting.

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