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    Are you feeling comfortable while using new currency 500, 2000 notes?

    Usually we used to have bigger denominations have bigger dimension notes and smaller denominations have smaller currency notes. But because of change in currency notes now we are seeing lower 100 rupee note has bigger size while 500 and 2000 currency notes size is smaller. Because of this variation while keeping in pocket we are a feeling a discomfort to keep 500 currency notes inside 100 rupee notes. Other than this the quality of previous 500 and 1000 currency notes appears to be good than the present currency notes. These new notes appears to be like the notes used by children in Business or Trade game. Through this thread I am just asking the comfort feeling of the use of these new currency notes according to you.
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    Frankly speaking, no. The main reason is the size. The new notes are smaller in size. New Rs. 500/- notes are smaller than Rs. 100/- notes. Rs. 2000/- are also smaller. I have to remain extra careful while making payment in cash.
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    I am quite comfortable with the new currency notes. As of now, all notes that I receive are fresh, and it is comfortable in my purse. The colour of the notes doesn't confuse me with the 100 or 50 rupee notes. Live and satisfy with what you have. Don't long for more. After all, it is a simple currency notes that change many hands.
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    I am not comfortable with the new notes. The main reason is the quality of the notes as you said and the other is the size of the notes. I have to be careful while spending as I should not get confused with 100rs and 500rs notes in hurry, though the color differs. 10rs and 100rs notes appear to have good quality. New notes look like one low quality paper.

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    No, I am not at all comfortable or satisfied in carrying or using the new Rs 500/- and Rs 2000/- currency notes. First of all due to its smaller size and secondly due to the quality. I feel richer if I have a few hundred rupee notes in my pocket/ purse.
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    My answer is clear no, For me, 500 note is like 10 rupee note. Its size is as small as 100 note even more small. You must be careful while giving 500 note along with 100 rupee note. rupee 2000 note is a mess for me and I avoid to keep in my wallet. think what happen when you lose your 2000 note. Your loss is more and you have to pay more attention to it. This new currency note is not durable and has low quality as well. Also when you have 2000 note in your pocket is very hard to get a change of it.
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    Feeling uncomfortable of carrying Rs 2000 curruency notes only because everyone cannot give change of Rs 2000, thin and due to small in size. There is nothing any uncomfort for carrying Rs 500 currency notes. we are able to purchasing and exchanging with 2000 and 500 currency note than looking of the notes does not matter actually.

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    Yes the size of 500 rupees note is very much smaller than 100 and 2000 rupee notes and that is really giving discomfort while handling. What I am doing is , as soon as I get to the reach of 500 rupee note, I am keeping it separately in my purse so that it wont mix with 50 or 100 rupee notes in between. Moreover getting change for higher denomination is still a problem and as far as possible using the cash less way is good for every one. People are eagerly looking for new 1000 rupee notes but RBI latest statement says that nothing doing. We have to be content with 500 and 2000 new notes only as of now.
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    I am comfortable as far as the handling of these new currency notes is considered.
    Another thing we must note that with time the 100 rupee note may also be out of circulation giving way to new replacement notes. Further the 2000 note may also be discontinued soon as it's intended purpose will be fully met.
    So even if some people are having difficulty due to size it will be soon a thing of past.

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    At present it will be difficult for the common man to digest that the new 2000 is small in size and it is not giving the feeling of 2000 rupees. As said above the quality also seems to be low compared to earlier note which is banned. I think the government should think a bit for the note which they introduced and change its quality as well to make it worth it to be called as 2000 rupees note.
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    I am very much comfortable in using the latest 500 and 2000 notes. Though it is small when compared to the existing legal currency, it is very handy to carry in wallet. Since it is a currency, no doubt everyone will be attentive during the expenditure time.

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    The 500 rupee note is comfortable as compared to the earlier one. Sometimes, it gave a confusion between the old 500 note and 100 note and there were pretty chances of paying 500 instead of 100, if we were in subconscious mood. I am still uncomfortable with the 2000 note as it is very difficult to get the change for smaller payments. However, the cashless transaction and plastic card usage has become a regular feature today. Thanks to Modi for his efforts.

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    I am much comfortable with the new 500 Note than the older one. Maybe we are used to carrying the Rs. 500 notes before, it does not make a huge difference. But, frankly speaking, I am not comfortable with the Rs. 2000 note. Not because of color or quality, but for the sheer value it carries.
    To begin with, it will not be easy to get the change if your purchase amounts to just a fraction of that amount. No shopkeeper will give you change if your purchase value is somewhere between Rs. 100 to 300. Add to it the risk of carrying the note itself ( or rather losing it). If you lose a single note, your loss is quite heavy.

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    I have a purse which struggles to accommodate Rs. 10000(20 in number Five hundred rupee notes) is comfortable to accommodate Rs. 40000( 20in number 2000 rupee currency notes). I am very very comfortable with 500 and 2000 rupee currency notes. The length, breadth, weight and the paper used doesn't matter.

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    comfort or discomfort are relative only. People are feeling this problem as the old notes are bigger in sizes. In fact the new sizes are quite good. The expenditure for printing notes will come down. If the other denominations are also brought to smaller size every one get accustomed. Moreover government is encouraging paperless cash. If everybody slowly moves towards paperless transactions it will become easy for every one. Of Course it will take sometime for the whole lot to get converted to etransactions.
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