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    Do you like if people use your mobile phone

    In some cases people ask you for your phone to make an urgent call. That is ok but at times they use your phone to talk to their friends and chat for hours together. Would you like that? Also are you ok if people use your phone without your permission and start accessing your gallery, browsing net on your phone?
    I really do not like if someone touches my phone without my permission no matter who they are. Though I do not have anything personal on my phone, I get irritated with the fact that someone is using my phone and checking out gallery or browsing and other stuffs. I can give my phone to others for making a phone call for few minutes I have no problem but if they use it for a long time I started getting restless.
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    Neither I offered my cell phone to someone nor I requested for a cell phone from someone. I am a daring personality that no one will dare to ask my phone for use. Of course, my daughter and son (never my wife) would ask for my cell phone whenever their phone battery goes low, and for urgent needs only. I may help others with my cell phone, but never hand over my phone to a stranger.
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    Now a days cell phones are very common and almost everybody is having one.
    This cell phone is not only for communication, but also serves many other purposes. After the demonetization cell phones are doing the job of Banks also. We store our all details in the same phone. So personally I feel we should not use others phone unless otherwise it is very essential.

    One day I was travelling to Pune from Hyderabad. I am in my car and going to airport. All the way I was reading a book and as I reached airport I got down the car and my driver gave me my luggage and left. I started moving towards airport entrance. Suddenly I remembered that I have forgotten my phone in the car. I looked for a public phone and nothing was near by. It has become very important, I requested a nearby person for his phone and called my driver. Here the situation warrants.

    But in some cases people start using others phone unnecessarily, which can't be encouraged. In our house we will not use other family member's phone.

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    Definitely one will be restless of using their mobile by others for such a long time. As author said everybody would be ready to help anybody in emergencies. But for browsing the net, gallery by others will not be acceptable to the owner of the mobile, even they are closer to them. I personally would not allow such situations. As Dr. Srinivas sir said, nowadays, mobile phone is not only the phone but also a mobile bank for our account. We will be having so much personal data like email, photos, whatsapp data, facebook, drive where we keep all important documents in e-mode. So giving a mobile phone to others for their use, is not at all suggestible.

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    Nobody likes to give his or her phone to anyone, who wants other phones just to hang with his or her friends for hour and hour. I personally don't give my phone to anyone else, unless it is very urgent for that individual who is asking for a phone call. And we can judge a person who really need a phone urgently.
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    My cellphone is always used by my wife and my daughter. Very occasionally my brother and my sister also use it when don't have the phone near them. Otherwise I generally don't give my phone to others. However, during rescue operations or in emegency situations, I give my phone to distressed persons to enable them to call their relatives.
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    I don't mind if someone asks for my phone just for a call but for accessing any other app, browser or galary in my phone I would like that person to seek my permission . And if anyone does it without my permission it will be really annoying for me and will make me angry also.
    And if someone asks for accessing internet I will let them by providing hotspot and wifi for that they don't need to peek into my mobile specially without my permission. For small kids who demands to play games there can be some relaxation but elders who just want to peek into my cellphone and hence in my life I really hate such acts.

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    I gave my phone to my friends and family members only to help them out for the call and to have some stuff like capturing picture and gaming and it is very rare. I locked my personal and confidential app as security. Giving the phone to strange is dangerous. To you personal data. So one should not give the phone to strange without making security measure. People should learn etiquette to respect others phone privacy and avoid espionage.
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    Well, I do not like lending my phone to some stranger. If it is indeed an emergency, I may consider handing it over, but only after dialling the number myself. I will never allow anyone to handle my phone.
    And this brings me to another strange habit some people have. It happens generally during bus journeys. You are doing something with your phone and someone sitting or standing beside you stares intently at what you are doing. I resent this behaviour too much.

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    I am totally against the concept of lending my mobile phone to some one else for any reason. Now a days every one has more than one mobile in their person and if at all if some one wants to have the service of my mobile, I wont lend but help them to call the person and I only handle the call. What I usually seen that when we give our mobile for just talking person, they take it privilege to dig at messages and photos as if we have asked them to see. That is very bad habit in some which I totally do not like and discard. In fact I would advise others also not to lend their phones to others.
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    I used to give my mobile phone to others in needy hours. But is problematic in many times as I heard through my friend that he lend his mobile in a bank to other unknown person for some urgency and the man who borrowed the phone moved outside by talking in a loud voice and as if he gone to outside for signal he took away the phone. He, my friend lost his costly phone. In some situations, we might have some secret information which would possibly have come out, if we lend our phone. so, it is better to avoid such situations.

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    No , Im not at all in favour of lending my phone to some one. I don't know the reason but i don't give . Everyone in my family know that i neither use anyones phone nor i allow anyone els to use my phone , though sometimes my bf use my phone but it happens rarely.

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    Mobile is a very personal device and most of the people will not like to give it to others.

    In a family, members can exchange their phones sometimes but in some families that is also not possible if privacy and personal space is an issue.

    Now a days mobile is loaded with voluminous personal data and no one will like to share it.

    However in emergency like accident condition people come forward and lend their mobiles.

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