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    Will opposition admit after Maharashtra election that people favour de-monetisation?

    The results of Maharashtra municipal corporations have been declared. BJP's performance has been unprecedented. Without the backing of its partner Shivsena, BJP has managed to win 8 out of 10 corporations including Pune, Nagpur and Ulhasnagar. In BMC, BJP has won 82 seats, 51 more than the previous number. Congress has been decimated everywhere. NCP is continuing its downward journey. Shivsena has somehow managed to marginally improve its performance in BMC, but in other cities, it has lost ground to its now-estranged partner, BJP.

    Before the election, opposition political parties and even Shivsena were trying to project Maharashtra municipal elections as a mandate on de-monetisation announce by the NDA Government. Now, after getting decimated, will those parties admit that Indian people (at least, people of Maharashtra) support the de-monetisation policy of the Central Government?

    Members may kindly express their valuable opinion.
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    Demonetization is a good step taken by central government. All common people supported. During this period I travelled quite a bit and interacted with many people in villages, towns and cities. 100% people said that this is a very good move and the results will be very fruitful. Some people told me that they don't mind tolerating hardships for a few days to get rid of corruption and black money. But only some people who have vested interests not supported. As usual our Indian electronic media tried to use the mismanagement of banks as a failure of Government.Opposition also tried the same concept. But real person never bothered for standing in a queue for some hours. Maharashtra results gave a clear indication of their support to BJP. I trust the other states will also go in the same way.
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    If you watch the results of Maharashtra civic polls results you will find that previously the Shiv Sena was present all over Maharastra and BJP was present all over India. And now BJP was present all over India and all over Maharashtra in particular but Shiv Sena is squeezing to Mumbai only. So what here means that it is not the demonetization effect, it is the liking of BJP party by the Maha voters and they they think that under the leadership of Modi good governance is possible and probably people liked the way Devender Fadnavis is at the helm of affairs. In fact I could see second Modi in making in Fadnavis.
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    If we are to go by what our Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh has said today in an interview, results of elections to local bodies or state assemblies need not be considered as a referendum of the policies of the central government though they might have some influence on the voters. The results of the election to the Maharashtra local bodies need to be analysed in the background of the resetting of alliances in the state politics to come to an exact conclusion.
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    Mr. Saji Ganesh: It was not the BJP but the opposition parties which projected this civic poll in Maharashtra as the referendum on de-monetisation. Now will they admit that this move has been popular?
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    I think people of this country have taken demonetization in its intended spirit.
    Yes, there were difficulties faced by the daily wage earners and general public but even they have not come out against it. It may look surprising but it is the fact.
    Now political parties wanted to take advantage of it by converting it to a serious blunder or issue but could not succeed as everything was enveloped by the huge money piles with the black money hoarders and their plight.
    This will be becoming more and more clear after the state level election results start to pour in.

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    Congress and AAP tried a lot to make people hate demonetization. They claimed that demonetization was used to kill people. And lot of rumors were spread. Lot of bad things were claimed during their speeches. But reality is that people voted because they have seen the change. They are focusing more on development and change. Which they could never get from AAP and Congress government. Considering how the current government is doing progress, I don't think fake propaganda and flat out lies are going to be working from the opposition.

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    Not only Congress and AAP, Samajwadi Party and BSP in Uttar Pradesh, RJD in Bihar, Trinamool Congress in West Bengal, DMK and AIADMK in Tamilnadu and even Shivsena have been dead against de-monetization. Only BJD in Orissa and JD(U) in Bihar have supported this.
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    Whatever be the situation, no opposition political party would ever admit the victory of a policy or scheme of ruling party. If they admit, it would not be an opposition. They will be true to the meaning of opposition. As far as civic polls of Maharashtra, demonetisation might not be a main agenda within a rural part of any state. And Home Minister also admitted that it is not a referendum for them.

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    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    But the financial capital of India has not given mandate in favour of BJP in the civic polls. Shivsena which opposed demonitisation has emerged as the single largest party in the elections. Can it be taken as people's mood against the action taken by Central Bank of India (RBI) whose headquarter is located in Mumbai?

    Thus any polls can't be a litmus test for the performance of the Government. They are given for 5 year term and the qualifying test would be the next general election only.


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