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    How about having a page of thoughts and quotations on ISC?

    Isc is a very educational and intresting site and have many intresting features also and everyone can gain lot of knowledge from here, but many peoples specially youths these days keeps searching motivational quotes and stories on google.
    What do you think about the idea of having one such section on ISC providing various thoughts and quotations of famous personalities and leaders?
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    What benefit will we get? Nowadays such quotes, memorable thoughts are easily available in various social media like Whatsapp. Think something new.
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    Some of the most memorable quotes and inspiring words have come from the keyboards of ISCians. We could share those instead of simply looking up the Net or sourcing from social media platforms and sharing what quite a few people will already know. I had at one time made a list of beautiful gems and pearls of wisdom written in earlier years by members here. Maybe I could try and locate it and share them some time in the coming weeks.
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    I would also suggest that members could check out the Social Hub regularly. You can read some good quotes there, some of them self-written by ISCians.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Kindly post your thoughts and quotations in this forum section. I am sure, it will be read by all the members, and will reach the people browsing the net.

    I suggest you create a thread inviting good thoughts and quotations from our members of ISC. I am sure, you will see lot many thoughts and quotations and good messages in it.

    And request ISC not to lock the thread, but pin it red and hang it on the top of the first page of forum section.

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    Instead of sharing from other sources and write ups, quotes created out of first hand experience by the ISC members would be more befitting and enjoyable. Hope based on my own experience in the life so far I wish to contribute the following quotes which thought fit here.

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    They may sulk or even discard you for ever and make you stunned

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    Yes, everybody follows the quote for getting motivation and stay motivated. People looking for many such quotes on the internet. I think members should create a thread of the particular quote and mention their view of the same and out it for the members view on it. This can be highlighted as best quote discussion. My point to bringing the quote for discussion, because some quote have so dip meaning that common perception find hard to get the essence, do the discussion will help to find out.
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    Since it is only a suggestion by the author, members are requested not to start off before getting a green signal from the admin. I personally don't think posting quotes in the forum would be a welcome step as it is not likely to evoke any discussion as such. The inputs by Prasanna at #591727 is fine but the point of interpretation need to be checked. It is suggested that interested members may use the Social Hub, which can be considered as a page in ISC which is somewhat like a social networking site, for the time being.

    In the meanwhile members may continue to post their views about the suggestion as a response here.

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    I do not think that ISC social hub is useful than useless. I hardly or rarely see any thoughts or quotes by the members. It speaks only about members earning and profile photo changing.
    Let ISC create a permanent ever open thread where members can post their good thoughts and quotes as and when they feel like.

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    Though this thread was simply a suggestion but I really liked the idea given by Sun to share once own thoughts in a thread, but as it was a just a suggestion by me.
    I wanted to ask admin and editors can I implement the idea of sharing members own thoughts by creating a separate thread or starting to post thoughts on this thread.

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    Neelam, please refer to my response at #591735 and do wait.
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    Neelam, your suggestion was discussed and it has been concluded that starting an exclusive page for thoughts/ quotes would neither be feasible at this point nor would it add any value to the site. Moreover, members will only be reproducing quotes that are already available in various other sites which would squarely amount to duplication of contents. However, we may allow a thread based on a quote/ thought 'once in a while' provided the author comes up with some serious interpretation or views and call for a discussion.

    As suggested by Vandana ma'am, those who are interested can very well post quotes/ thoughts even on a daily basis in the Social Hub. Posting in Social Hub does not carry points or cc but we do feel that it is actually the place in ISC which is almost similar to a social networking site though ISCians seldom visit that area due to reasons best known to them. It is not just a section to know updates on members (as is perceived by some) but can, if members spare some time, be developed into an interactive platform.

    I am locking this thread now.

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