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    Why there are conflicts in a family?

    There are daily conflicts in most of the families. What is right in the sense of one is wrong in the sense of the other. For example, if mother's opinion is to send her child to a famous private school, the father's opinion is to send him to a government school. In such conflicts the person who dominates usually wins. Why people are not able to see reason in the opinion the other side hold? What, other than the dominating part, may be the reasons for such conflicts? Please discuss.


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    Conflicts in the family are bound to arise even on small matters and if a big approval or consent has to be obtained it is always good to convince others in a better understandable way. For example my daughter wants to write AIIMS entrance and to our utter dismay only the colleges and even centers are located in North India and that means even if she qualifies , she has to go far away to Uttarakhand or New Delhi or even Orissa to study further. While her mother is really unhappy , I convinced her that let the exam be attempted and when she gets the seat, let us see what is destined for my daughter. These are the issues which bothers every family. Now my son is the budding Chemical Engineer and surely if he wants to get good opportunity he may have to live in other country or state. We cannot guarantee to get job in Hyderabad itself ?
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    Family is a place where members live together and discuss with each other the daily problems and their solutions.
    Members have different opinions and different understanding of the issues and it is natural that during the process some conflicts are generated.
    Every member should understand that one should not force his ideas on others as hearing from others and taking good suggestions in their right spirit is always a healthy practice.
    We should not be afraid of conflicts as minimum amount of conflict is required for coming to an acceptable solution of a problem.

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    I feel that dispute generally occurs in a family due to clash of ego and clash of thinking. In a family, the bonding is very strong and the family-members always think about the welfare of one another. But the thinking is conditioned by a person's own experience and age-group. The younger generation oesn't accept the opinion of elders. As a result, dispute occurs.
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    Conflicts in families arises when one member can't other person's opinions and also unable to make his/her opinion clear. This lack of clarity leads to arguments and arguments lead to dominance and in such arguments real topics vanishes and conflicts is all about winning the arguments.
    So to avoid conflicts members should try to make their opinion and facts clear and try to convince other members by logic and facts rather than arguing over the issue and thus should try to find the solution of conflicts peacefully.

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    Conflicts within families are common because everyone who is part of the family is also an individual, with their own viewpoints, beliefs, thoughts, ideologies, opinions etcetera. People with strong personalities do not give in or take to another's views easily because they not only think that they are in the right, but also believe that everyone else must do what they want without opposing them. It is not so much an opposition, but more a want to be heard and considered that causes conflicts. Barriers go up when one party does not want to listen to the other, just because they think they are right. It also boils down to wanting to control and a lack of freedom.

    This is true of not just families but in every other walk of life. It is the 'I know best' attitude that ruins relationships. One must be willing to listen and also be capable of understanding. There is a way of putting one's point across, especially within a family. Decisions must be in consultation with family members and a mutual consent must be arrived at.

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    It is the creation of God. He enjoys the fun with his own creation of the creatures in this world. We are the toys in God's hand. Life has to be with happy and sorrow. God has created the human in such a way that they have different minds. Without conflicts, life won't be entertaining and joyful. In a family, someone will be gentle and honest, someone will be rude and crooked. So, conflict cannot be avoided.
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