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    Is the cat finally out of the bag?

    Is the cat finally out of the bag? Former Chief Minister of Delhi and present Chief Ministerial candidate of Congress(!) in Uttar Pradesh, Ms. Sheila Dikshit has said: "And please remember Rahul is still not mature, his age does not allow him to be mature". Rahul-ji is going to cross half-century mark in another two years, and he is still not mature! Earlier former Congress leader in Uttar Pradesh (presently with BJP), Mrs. Reeta Bahuguna Joshi, also said the same thing in a different manner.

    Now Congress men and women are themselves saying that Rahul-ji has not attained maturity. Priyanka-ji is not willing to make politics a full-time occupation. Sonia-ji is not well. Congress doesn't allow alternative leadership to prosper.

    What would happen to this Grandfather of all parties?
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    Why isn't my point get counted?
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    Still I fail to understand the idol worship or acceptance of legacy still exists in some political parties even today. Congress stands in first place for this and Rahul being a two time MP can't be measured as immature. His strategy may not be working properly. I don't know in what context Shiela Dixit referred the comment. But I personally feel Rahul as an opposition leader is doing his bit and to be rightly saying, any other person in his place would do the same thing. Even the BJP was also playing the same game when UPA was in power.

    Here, Modi has become so strong by virtue of his policy making decisions and popularity and it has become so difficult to Rahul or any other political leader to compete with him at this stage. In that sense, BJP is the only political party that dared to make a change in leadership at the time of elections 2014 and yielded positive results. Such a rapid action seems to be remote in Congress or other parties to project a new leader and that makes the difference.


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    Shouldn't we agree to the statement of a veteran leader like Ms. Dikshit? Let us wait for another 20 years or so to enable Rahul-ji to become mature. Till such time Congress should remain out of power, because more mature leaders won't be allowed to become top leader of the party.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    We are not aware of the context in which Shiela Dixit has made such a statement and it is not the first time that a veteran leader from the Congress is coming out with such findings. So, I don't think there is anything like the cat being out of the bag. But the irresponsible statement by Shiela Dixit, as a senior Congress leader, just goes on to show why the party is going down the drain. Congress has become too democratic where anyone is allowed to criticize the leadership and remain unscathed. Unlike BJP or the Communist parties where even veterans may not be comfortable in raising a voice against the leadership, Congress has given too much freedom to its cadre. I think Congress should now engage someone like Prashant Kishore to chart out a strategy to get back into the fight!
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    The entire interview can be perused at Times of India dated 24th February, 2017. Ms. Dikshit has stated various other things which would not be very palatable for the top leadership as well as the die-hard supporters of the party. She indirectly criticised Rahul-ji regarding the so-called diary episode, which Rahul-ji tried to publicise. This so-called evidence against the present PM had already been dismissed by the Supreme Court. But the real issue is that the diary also contained names of various Congress leaders including Mrs. Dikshit.
    Furthermore, Mr. Prashant Kishore had been given the charge of UP election by Congress more than six months ago. However, he quietly left understanding the present conition of the party in the state.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Partha, your response at #591767 has now brought the cat out of the bag. Shiela Dixit's statement was a result of the diary episode to which she was also a party! It is better to be clear instead of being choosy when we bring out such topics for discussion.
    'Don't miss the Donut by looking through the hole'- Anonymous.

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    Mr. Ganesh: If possible, please read the entire interview very carefully.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Whether right or not, Sheila Dixit did made a right comment on Rahul Gandhi as he not fit enough to gather information and play truant against the mighty leaders of BJP and thus sometimes he becomes dwarfed and teased to the worst. The social media is agog with activities against him and certainly spoiling his reputation. His latest alliance in UP with SP has once again exposed the inability of his leadership to try alone for votes in UP. Once the National level party, the Congress is now heavily depending on the whims and fancies of regional parties as their allies and thus even the victory is not guaranteed. So I stand by her statement. However fearing backlash from the Congress , Sheila has retracted her statement and said that she was misquoted by the media. What ever it is , If Rahul has the progressive capacity to gets wins for the party he would stay put ,otherwise party must turn to Priyanka.
    K Mohan
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