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    It is possible to add doctors category of india in ISC ?

    There are lots of patience which are suffering from many disease which are not able to found detailed information about good doctors. patience which are from small villages are faced this problem. If ISC provides detailed information about each good doctors in India that will helps to many people which are find the doctors for recovery with disease. Experts do you agree with my words?
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    The power of any addition or deletion of any section in the ISC has vested with the admin i.e. webmaster.

    About your suggestion I like it. The section can be developed to create the network hospital and the available doctors from remote to the urban area. This section can be highlighted in the google search engine. As most of the people now first find the doctors address and their specialty on the internet.

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    The author made a valid suggestion and on the face of it I too liked it. But ours is the student interest site and when we create a separate section for the doctors , then the section would be filled with personal questions which may be embarrassment even to the members and the net users. Every one has his own family doctor and personal problems are shared with them and get right treatment. Therefore ISC may not agree to your suggestion but there can be a try made for the first time and if the section goes out way or not as per posting guidelines, the webmaster can remote the section itself in future. Over to Tony.
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    Himanshu, your suggestion may be valid but I don't think it suits the policies of our site. Why should we have a directory of doctors? ISC is not a Search Engine and moreover there are specific sites giving details about Doctors across India and the same can be Googled. Please remember that such sites collect the details of doctors who are interested and publish their details with their consent only. I doubt whether ISC need to take up such an exercise.
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    I also suggested same couple of years ago. Although now i understand, why it is soo difficult to manage persons as compared to buildings and institutions. Because building are static.
    1) Doctors are human they change professions, locations after certain time. So, if we feed data of doctors in ISC, possibly we have to update data of doctors our self. But in India we have approx 1 millions doctors, so it is impossible to locate doctors. Until and otherwise they themselves manage profiles and update it. We have some big sites dedicated doctors and classified as well. On those websites doctors manage their profiles, because doctors are paying on those sites to get leads/appointments. So, it will difficult to update data.
    2) Also, we cann't copy data from web.
    3) Google these days suggest auto suggestion on the basis of location of searcher. suppose you are in pune and searching dentist, it will suggest suggestion like that
    dentist in pune
    dentist in pune aundh
    dentist in viman nagar
    dentist in wakad etc
    So, writing article like before such as best dentist in pune may not be as effective as before.
    4) Also, If you see search on google has already placed Google+ Widjet on the top of pages where they can see individual doctors name on the basis of search. Attachment attached


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    I just cannot understand why my answer was given zero point when I did gave best reply to the author and almost seconded by the lead editor. If zero point is awarded , then why the content should be visible to others. I need clarification.
    K Mohan
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    Mr Mohan, I don't think your response was referring to a sort of directory as suggested by the author (at least it does not appear to be so). I think you responded under the impression that the author was suggesting a Doctor's page where people can seek advice of medical practitioners something on the lines of our Ask Expert section. My response was in no way seconding your opinion except for the point as to whether the suggestion would be acceptable to ISC and that point too was put up by both of us in different contexts. Hope the point is clear now.

    Members are requested to stick to the main thread.

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    I should say that it is a valid suggestion to include hospitals at ISC. ISC helps us to find the educational institutions, courses and studies, and then helps us to get a job through Job section. ISC can have a section for Hospitals and doctors to help the patients. Also, ISC can have matrimonial section to help us to search for brides and grooms.
    The four important things in life are:
    3.Marital life
    ISC should bear this in mind and create additional section . If done, ISC will be a complete site

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