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    India loses first Test match on Day 3 itself - have the Aussies undermined the team's morale?

    Today India lost the first Test match in the ongoing series against Australia. Steve O'Keefe played his spinning technique so well, the scoreboard of the Indian team looked sad with single digits in both innings, with only a couple of the players scoring in double digits.

    Will team India square their shoulders and come back fighting in the second test? Or has their morale been undermined with a loss with not even the full five days of the test match being played out? Can Indian spinners too play their role in an equally masterful manner?

    Would you, as the captain or coach, make changes to the team that lost for the next match? Whom would you replace and take in for the second test?
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    First of all every fan must know the fact that all games cannot be won by India and it all depends on the performance of opposite team, their players, the wicket and above all the strategy. Indian boys might have won the previous matches with other countries easily with no hard work and they should not have deployed the same strategy against the mighty Aussies. That over confidence in our boys got them one digit score which is really humiliating to a National team. Nevertheless this is the great lesson and caution to the second test which must be won or drawn by India.
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    It is definitely a setback. Indian bowlers, especially Umesh Yadav and Ravichandran Ashwin, bowled well and despite loss of many chances due to fielders, Indian bowlers did not allow the Aussies to score big in both innings. But the batsmen failed miserably in both innings.

    I hope Indian batsmen will show their true colours in the second test to be played at Bengaluru during 4th to 8th March, 2017.

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    It is clear from the game of Indian cricket team that they don't have the answer to the Steve O'Keefes spin. Not a single player face him confidently.Indian team played only 74overs. On the contrary Australia team perform well in all aspect of the game. They score with the ball and the bat too. This loss is definitely set back to the team India.

    But I believe that team India will come back and perform as their fame. They should find the solution for Steve O'Keefes.

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    Yeah..It's a s(b)ad performance by Indian cricket team which was not at all expected from a team of winning continuously for 17 tests. As the pitch was made ready for pro-India but the bullets fired in reverse direction. The Indian team has always a habit of making a unknown / unfamiliar player to popular or famous to the world. They have the history of such statistics.

    I dont think any changes are required in any department of the present team. If at all changes are to be made entire team needs to be changed as no one was successful in the first test. Being a game one has to take it in sportive manner. Winning streak is good but always it may not be possible. Hence, let the same team continue and register formidable wins in the next matches.

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