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    Yours sincerely or yours faithfully

    Letter writing is an art. I am the one who is not good at. When I write a formal letter and come to an end. I meet to two directions to go either to use your sincerely or yours faithfully.

    Is this same or have particular use in forming the end part of the letter.
    please show the light when to use this closing to the letter. Is there any modification for closing in the writing letter.
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    What I do and I feel that while writing letters to the persons very close to us or very well known to us, using the word sincerely is the apt way to end the letter. When you are representing a company and having the rights to write letters to others on behalf of the company, using the word faithfully at the end and concluding the letter is the right way to do so. Moreover when you are declaring some revelations, or some facts in the letter, by writing faithfully at the end, you are also trying to convey to the addressee that the content is written with full honesty and trust and that can be taken totally.
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    Yours faithfully is used when writing someone whom you do not know before or have not met.

    Yours sincerely is used when writing a letter to the known person or whom you have met before. communicate through phone or introduced by some other persons.

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    When you write a letter to your friend or relative and known people -Use the word 'Sincerely' and 'Lovingly'
    When you write to an organization or unknown person - Use the word 'Faithfully'

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    The official letters should be concluded with Yours Faithfully. If you are writing to your friends or family, it may be apt to conclude the letter with Sincerely or Lovingly. That is exactly how it should work.
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    Generally in official letters, we use 'Yours faithfuly'. However, in Government offices, a different from of letter called demi-official letter is also written seeking personal attention of the receiver. In such letters, because of personal tone, 'Yours sincerely' is used. In personal letters, we use 'Yours ever' or 'Yours sincerely' depending upon the relationship between the writer and the receiver of the personal letter.
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    Partha is right with his response to this thread. I too feel the same that 'Yours faithfully' should be used in where intimacy prevails between the writer and the reader in an organisation or with a stranger.
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    Yours sincerely is used very commonly in all official, formal letters and wherever addressing to a mass. But 'yours faithfully' is used when letter is written to a company or head of a company in which you are working or when a student is writing a letter to principal, etc. That means to whom you ought to be faithful, for them 'yours faithfully' can be used.

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    If we go back to the time when Britons ruled this country the most common letter ending was 'yours faithfully' because they taught us to do so. This thing prevailed for quite some time even after their departure and we got freedom.
    Later many other forms came into use and most common of them are 'yours sincerely', 'yours thankfully', yours truly' etc.
    Today the ending 'yours sincerely' is used in most of the places officially and is very common. Some old people are still using 'yours faithfully' because of old habits but that is in fact not warranted now.
    English is the language of England and most of the English usage are picked from them or their culture.

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    If I summarize
    yours faithfully is common for the generalized letter and yours sincerely for the official letter or in those letters in which we know the addresses.

    On more question: Can we place regards as ending of the letter. I found it in some office letter. Is this right?

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    Kindly raise a fresh thread to discuss 'Regards'. Let us not mix it with yours faithfully and yours sincerely to make chutney out of it.

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