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    Why is it not possible in India to strictly follow the direction: "Commit no nuisance"?

    I have travelled extensively all over India. In many places I have seen that people are requested not to commit any nuisance. In common parlance, this means a request not to urinate at that particular place. Not only foreign tourists but we also feel nauseated when we see people urinating on roadsides even in big cities of India. We know that this is a major embarrassment for our country.

    In this connection, I must state that in Indian cities, public toilets and urinals are very very rare. Some public toilets have been built and managed by Sulabh in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Kolkata, but these are awfully inadequate and are not properly maintained. In other cities, public toilets can't be seen. In absence of public toilets and urinals, is it possible to follow the direction: "Commit no nuisance"?

    What do the other Members say?
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    "Commit no nuisance" does not imply only on public toilets. It implies on other public manners such as not throwing waste, not spitting on the roads etc. Public toilet is of course necessary at every place. But how many people do you think really use it? I have seen people feeling dirty to use the public toilet mostly because they are not well maintained; though they take money from the users, they don't clean it. If constructing public toilet is an important factor, then maintaining it is also equally important. Also it is the public's responsibility to assist in maintaining the cleanliness by using such facilities properly.

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    I Just cannot understand that why the government never provide basics to the common man ?. Addressing the nature call is the urgent need of a person going out of the house and he has to attend to that demand from his body. Having not found the right place to do, he stoops to the level of getting hold in to a road side open space and does the nuisance. For that reason we cannot blame the public. It is the expressed duty of Municipality to provide with public urinals at strategic points for free. By charging 3 to 5 rupees for that , poor and those who cannot afford that much money for every time they attend nature call, they chose other way around. In fact I must appreciate the public toilets in Hyderabad where in urinals are provided for free with no charge. Such type of small urinals must be built for both men and women to urgently attend nature calls.
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    I feel that Indian people respond to nature's call outside, only because adequate public urinals and toilets are not avaiable. Even if there are public toilets, these are not regularly cleaned and water is not available in those toilets. However, I have to admit that the southern part of India is much more clean than the other parts of the country. Nowadays I hear that Gujarat has also improved a lot in this regard, but I have not visited Gujarat for a long time.
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    As Ms. Sushma rightly said 'no nuisance' is not only relates to public toilets, also relates spitting the left over items of tobacco products like gutka, khaini, pan parag, etc., throwing garbage on the roadside like household wastage, fruits and vegetable wastage out of markets, hospital wastage, etc. and unnecessary protests, dharnas which are conducted by the so many entities for their existence.

    Since author highlighted public toilets, no doubt it is the responsibility of the local administrative bodies to provide all those basic amenities to be a swatch bharat. Further the facilities has to be provided at free of cost and for usage of that free of cost amenities also, awareness programmes have to be conducted to achieve the goal. To provide the basic amenities, the local bodies have to be sound in wealth and for that every citizen should feel responsible to pay their tax dues as and when they are raised.

    Ultimately without having public toilets in each and every city / town / panchayat, "Commit no nuisance" is not at all possible.

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    I think ignorance ,poverty and overpopulation are major cause of spreading nuisance.The scenes of platforms ,bus stops and public places are very bad.People feel very happy after making these places dirty.Some people are so much narrow minded and self centered,that after cleaning their houses they throw garbage here and there. If there are municipality garbage -bin ,they do n't throw the garbage into the bin ,but throw those near the bin. Citizen should be trained to use these places.Our govt is taking steps.More staffs are working in keeping these places neat and clean.
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    We are not progressing stepwise as a society or country. First we need to eradicate poverty and lack of education from our country then this things will be successful. Problem is that we are missing basic steps in the middle and thinking to go to the target which is impossible to achieve in this manner. First we must eradicate the poverty as that let a human being shredding away his difference from an animal. The second reason is lack of education of people who are not realizing this as a shameful act. We don't need a TV commercial or newspaper or hoarding ads to spread awareness. We need the education system to educate and teachers to teach. The people who are living in poverty, never educated finding hard to eat something will not listen to this classy norms just your view of a classy city.
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    Most probably, I raised this thread to talk about paucity of public urinals and toilets all over India! Most probably the thread is not about eradication of poverty.
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    In a populated country like India apparently it looks that you can never achieve 'commit - no nuisance'. It may appear a very difficult task if not impossible.
    If we analyze it in more detail we find that two things are required to attain this difficult objective.
    First thing is a good governance at Government level where the officials are serious for adherence to public notices and second is cooperation of public and society at large.
    If there is a will there is a way. So things can improve slowly if determination is there at all levels.

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    Not only in India but everywhere there is 'no nuisance'. As the huge populated country, the awareness normally will be done slowly. Moreover, we have been under the control of British where there was strict obey expected and severe punishment for the breakers. Education in the basic level also was given in minimum level. Now only our youngsters are coming up with bright education so, the 'no nuisance' also getting developed slowly. It is needless to expect punishment etc., for the breakers from the law makers but we ourselves should aware to follow. We ourselves throw garbages out of the dustbin or neighbor's compound. Unless we correct ourselves from such silly things how can we expect from the Government or Rulers?

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    Change our attitudes. Throwing refuse out of our windows, filling storm drains with our refuse? The Govs can only do things to a limit. Change our life style. Stop spitting wherever you like! Stop peeing when you feel like it! Is that possible? The pan chewing brotherhood among us is not going to slow down. The hawking and spitting is not going to stop. Make the AAM public aware that these are not good for themselves.

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