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    Mindset of getting stuck with reluctance to change in thoughts.

    People, including me, sometimes criticize beggars with words like why they don't really do some work except begging; why do they like to live such a life; perhaps they don't want to work hard and hence they want to lead such a disrespectful life etc. I feel that they are just stuck with their mindset in one place. In some or the other way we all are! We get stuck with our jobs which we would want to change if we got the chance and feel miserable the every single day under stress. We get stuck with someone with whom we cannot get along happily with, but under the passive reluctance towards taking a step forward to change, we endure what is supposed to be endured. Technically, we don't beg like beggars do, but the tired mindset of both of us doesn't want us to change or mend our ways. The intensity of this mindset to get stuck may vary, but we all have some traces of it. Comment with your perception.
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    Getting stuck with our thinking process is the real weakness in many and they cannot come out of that situation even some advise them. Insecurity in feeling about the future and their respect in the society are the main concern to them which distract them to take any harsh decision. Beggars does not want to do hard work under some one. By begging they are getting the required food and cash at least by following the law of average as to 5 is to one success. And those who are stuck up with the same job may have some strong personal reasons. That they are either happy with the not so pressure job, or they may be happy with good salary commensurate with his talent or qualification and above all he feels he cannot get better job than this for the same salary ? So intensity of mindset is purely depended on the situation and thinking level of any person and his possible action that follows.
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    I think it is all about feeling secure within our comfort zone. All of us have a comfort zone in almost all activities of our life and it is quite challenging to move out of the same. It is a matter of our surroundings, associations, habits and the daily routine we follow.

    A person who is used to waking up late in the morning may feel a little bit uncomfortable if he is to wake up early one morning. It may sound to be simple but one does undergo some pressure and experience some stress just at the thought of making a change even in his daily routine; leave alone aspects like job, family, place of residence etc. We feel uncomfortable because we become used to a certain system and to change our thought process would require mental and physical willingness to change.

    One feels relaxed and confident when you are within the comfort zone and to remain so even when you move out or is made to move out of the same is a challenge in itself; but it is said that those who take up the challenge are likely to achieve more in life. There is no point in feeling comfortable, though it is easier, if you can't climb up higher in life.

    But then, I would say that it is more or less a personal choice unless there are other deciding factors on which you have very less control.

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