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    About family planning

    Please tell about family planning man vs women
    Which one best
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    This is the important question that always bothers the new couple as to after one or two child there is a need to go for family planning operation for either husband or wife. It all depends on the prerogative and personal decision of the couples and others advise need not be solicited. But both of them going for family planning operation is desirable to avoid any further chances of having babies due to error even in such operations. Nothing is better than having the strong will power to abstain from that thought which not only keep the couple close and also with good relations.
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    Vennapunna Reddy, welcome here! Being a new member, I suggest you to please read and understand the Posting Guidelines before becoming active here. Also go through a few of the earlier forum threads so that you get an idea about the required format for posting contents. A forum thread is supposed to elicit some discussion among members and so it would be better if you give a more descriptive text instead of a one liner so that members get to know about the topic, the general opinion and your view before coming up with their side of the matter. Once you go through the guidelines and other help topics, please feel free to ask any doubt you have about the site by raising a thread in this section.

    As regards your query, it is actually not just a question of whether a man or woman who should undergo family planning operation. There are lot many factors including family background, medical conditions, psychological factors and things like that which need to be taken into consideration before deciding as to who should undergo the operation.

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