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    Does music therapy heal psycho killers

    Every alternate day we come to hear about psycho killers or people who are shooting other people under strong influence of depression. On the other hand, music is a very important part of our life. It is so soothing and blissful a gift from God, that today, doctors are using this as a therapy in treatments.
    So I had a thought, that could this music therapy heal people who have neurotic or psychological disorders. Could music be used as a protective shield against homicide by such people having psychological disorders. If the "Norman Bates" of "Psycho" fame was made to go under music therapy, would the end of the movie "Psycho" change? Had the legendary Alfred Hitchcock given this a thought? Well let us give this a thought here in ISC. What say?
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    Well I do not think music therapy can heal the psycho killers as they have gone to the high extent of causing mental agony and destruction, surely they wont have the feelings of love , affection or even forgiveness. Who can hear the music ? Those who are down with failures, sad with the happenings in the life, or some issues which are always bothering now and then and for them music would be soothing and helpful to come out of the situation. But psycho killers are rejected lot of the home or the society and they dejected in life and for them nothing can convince as they already came to the extreme end of life to give untold misery to their enemies.In fact I have observed from the psycho killers by taking the revenge only they get convinced are settle for a calm down attitude and in that case music may not play any role.
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    Generally, Phycho killers are those who are disgruntled with their life in their sex activities. They could be someone who got disappointed with sexual life, someone whose family was affected by killing etc. So, music is not a therapy to change their mind to come to a normal state. Music is for the good and happy people, not the worried and affected. We need to device a different method to cure the psycho killers.
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    #591841 @Sun: You can have your view on the point of discussion but the last sentence about the killing of the psychos has been deleted. Our judicial system is so powerful to take care of the system and let it take its own course of action.

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    A soothing / melodious music, be it Eastern or Western, has therapeutic effects. Music gives great relief / relaxation to the agitated minds and helps in controlling their emotions. Music is very much linked to emotions / moods of a person. An agitated mind, calms down on hearing a soothing music. All types / forms of music have therapeutic effects. Therapy is given based on the condition of the patient. For instance, soothing / melodious music is an effective therapy for agitated minds. Rock / pop music is not effective for such patients as it is said that rock / pop music may make the neurons more tensed / active and may cause discomfort instead of giving relaxation.

    But the same rock / pop music is good for the dull and depressed ones as their nerve cells get activated .

    Music is universal and knows no language. It has its own healing power and it effective to all.

    Music gives entertainment to the normal people while it gives relaxation to the stressed / tensed minds and activates the dull minds.

    Music is good for all living beings on the Earth including plants and animals. Music is enjoyed by all.

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    Music is supposed to be great healer. There are experiments that the growth of plant is accelerated by it as well the dairy animals produce more milk.
    All said the question remains that what is it's efficacy in treating a psycho killer.
    A psycho killer is not a ordinary personality. He is an extreme case of person totally affected by such psychological disorder. He is not reliable. Killing instinct is deeply rooted in his subconscious mind. He will get pleasure only after the killing is completed. He has no relationship with the world. His only desire is to kill.
    Now how music will be going to help in reforming such creatures.
    People have tried experiments of long session of music on such maniacs but there are no concrete proof that they were reformed or brought back to condition like normal human beings.
    I have not come across any authentic documented case history in such cases.

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    It is true that various forms of music represents various states of mind. But is it really true as Kalyani said, that music can calm down agitated minds? Let us suppose that someone has abused you or hit you very hard. Let us assume that a person slaps you on your face, then what do you do. Do you hit him back or verbally attack him or you go back home and listen to some good music? Or maybe, in today's mobile era, you start your mobile phone and listen to some soothing music right after you get a slap?
    Let the ISCians come up with their interesting views.

    Live life Kingsize!

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    Joyshree, listening to music does influence your mood but then music therapy is not just about listening to music; it is more a part of a treatment. It is not that you start listening to music to cool yourself down when somebody hurts you verbally or physically or when you are not well. Music, no doubt, can change your mood once you are totally involved but it has a different role to play when administered as an allied health care system. Musical intervention by a trained person acts as a stimulant and has been found to be effective in giving physical and mental relief to patients suffering from various ailments including psychiatric problems. It is actually a wide subject in itself and cannot be properly summarized within the limits of a forum response. It is an area where the research is still in progress to achieve maximum results.
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    You have no right to delete my views expressed or opinion formed. You are only an editor, not a judge at ISC. If opinions, views and comments are subject to scrutiny, you are interfering with the fundamental rights of a member. You are to check only the indecent, irrelevant and absurd languages, not any opinion formed. Of course, you have the right to counter my opinions and thoughts expressed. You are taking too much liberty as an editor of ISC with your extraordinary activities. Bad I must say.

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    Mr Sun, Jagdish has acted well within his purview in deleting a portion of your response that was quite provocative and appeared to be detrimental to the basic policies of this site. You have been told time and again that freedom is never absolute. Editors follow the guidelines issued to them and cannot simply act on the orders or particular liking of members. In case you have a complaint against any editor, you are free to approach the WMs directly through a PM for redress of your grievance instead of resuming your efforts to tarnish the image of editors publicly. Being a senior member, I request you to exercise some restraint, please!
    Note: Further clarifications or arguments in this connection will not be entertained in this thread.

    Members are requested to avoid the diversion and carry on with the main thread.

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