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    Suggestions regarding frequently asked question(s) on discrepancy in names

    Just now I was checking my replies to various questions asked in the 'Ask Expert' section. I was astonished to find that questions on discrepancy in own names and parents' names are being asked in this section regularly. Despite the fact that the Managing Editor and other Editors repeated instructed to check already available questions, similar/same questions regarding discrepancies in names and ways of rectification of the same, are being asked again and again. I myself have answered more than twelve different questions on this issue.

    So, I suggest that following three questions may be permanently pinned at the beginning of the 'Ask Expert' section. These three permanent questions would be:-

    (i) There are discrepancies in my name in the records of my Xth standard examination and records of Graduation examination. How can I rectify these discrepancies?
    (ii) My father's/mother's name has been wrongly spelt in the records of my Board examination. How can this be corrected?
    (iii) My name/My father's name has been wrongly spelt in my Xth Board examination records. But in the application form submitted by me for Government job, I have written it correctly. Will there be any problem at the time of verification of documents?

    Webmasters, Managing Editors and Editors may kindly consider this suggestion.
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    Yes the author made the right observation and apt suggestion. Many of the new members who are not aware of the same question already posed in the ask experts section still mention the same and the repetition goes on. As suggested the three main questions mentioned by the author can be pinned in the front page so that the new members would certainly get the idea and ways to make corrections in the records of memo or certificates as regards to their own name or wrongly mentioned parents name.
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    The questions might not necessarily be posted by regular members. The Ask Expert section also attracts people looking for answers to their questions/problems. They may be coming to India Study Channel after looking for a platform that can answer their queries. The Ask Expert section must show up on Google search and it probably prompts people to post their questions. Some people may register just to submit their question and may not necessarily remain active members. This is the reason why you find similar questions in the section.

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    I am expecting more comments from other Members of ISC on this relevant issue.
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