Android Versus Windows

This is an old fight between the two operating systems. Since then the battle is still continuing. Many people believe that Android is much better than windows and the reason given by many are that Android is user-friendly than windows. This is one of the most common reasons mentioned by several people. But common, this is not a defending reason at all. Because, there are individuals who are using windows and when they can use, everyone can. When compared genuinely, windows phones are far more safe and better to buy instead of going for an Android phone. Well, you can even go through several articles on Google to watch out why windows are better than Android. Even I'm using a windows phone because it has its benefits.
When there was a massive chaos among the people when Android was launched, people were just running behind buying an android mobile. But instead I choose to initially know the difference and which one would be beneficial in buying, and the answer was "Windows." My vote is to "Windows".
Now what is your opinion about it and whom do you support and why? This thread has been created for open discussion to get a better view over the two OS's.