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    Do You Follow Traffic Rules?

    Traffic rules have been there since olden days. It has been created for human safety. But do they have been followed by people strictly till date? How many times have you passed the red lights till now? You can't even count it. Being a true individual I accept that I have broken the traffic rules sometimes, but now I follow it strictly. And what about you?
    The increasing population has given rise to increasing in traffic too. And the number of accidents have also increased to a great extent. Traffic rules are not only about passing the red signal, but it also includes rash driving, wrong overtaking to name a few. What is your view about it?
    You are also welcome to give tips on safe driving and other stuff related to traffic.
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    Yes Mr. Sujish, we are all part of violating the traffic rules at some point of time in our life, though it was not intentional. Apart from the examples of traffic rules given by the author, there are a few.

    One has to keep his vehicle fit and also personally should be fit to drive.

    Wearing helmet in case of two wheeler (better to have the pillion rider also) and belt in case of four wheeler.

    Dont drive after consuming alcohol.

    Dont drive while using mobile phone or its accessories.

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    I generally don't drive because of two reasons. The first one is that I am not at all comfortable in driving on unruly Delhi roads and secondly, even after living 25 years in Delhi, I don't know most of the roads of this city. Moreover, the round-abouts are very confusing. Generally I use public transport (which has become very good in the city) and office vehicles. However, my safety tip is: Be very careful when the traffic light turns yellow. While yellow light indicates slow driving, in Delhi, people start driving at faster pace when the light turns yellow.
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    I am a slow and steady sincere driver/rider following all the traffic rules. I never jumped signals and caught by the traffic police. Even I don't park my vehicles in unauthorized parking places. I never proceed at high speed than the specified speed limits in the city. Of course, I fly with my vehicle (Padmini) in highways. My Padmini makes good 110 Kmph.
    My sincere advice to the vehicle drivers/riders - Be alert. Don't think about your home problems while you are at the wheel or handlebar.

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    What a funny question posed by the author. Every road use must follow the traffic rules and there is no way out. But regarding crossing of the signal at red, I blame it on the traffic signal management companies. Now a days every signal has the timer which goes on diminishing count to alert us to slow the vehicle as the signal is going to turn red. But at some places the timer does not work and the green signal goes red suddenly much to the surprise of road users and the traffic police is ready to catch the image from the other side as if you have committed a great mistake and thus 1000 rupees challan is assured. I am driving the scooter since 1980 and know the traffic rules. But when the others who wont follow the rules and hit us from the other side, we are also made the scapegoat and that is really disturbing.
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    These days I do not drive very often, because my husband and I generally go out together, and it is he who generally drives. On the odd occasions that I have to go out alone, and I am behind the wheel, I follow the traffic signal. However, I cannot say the same about all the others on the road. I am a fairly good driver and have driven across states, on the National and State Highways, and even on the Ghats, which means I am comfortable driving and do not tootle on the road and can drive fast while manoeuvring sharp turns and stray cattle and whatnot. Yet, in the city, I get stared at and honked at and gestured at when I stop at a red light or do not jump the orange light which I know will turn red soon. The looks tell me that I should not be behind the wheel and that jumping the stop signal is fine.
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    I am one person who follow traffic rules strictly and do not spare a chance I get to remind a person who violates the rule that he is on the wrong side. I drive only occasionally and avoid riding two-wheeler too as I am more comfortable using a public transport and make it a point to walk short distances whenever I can.

    But, from what I have observed, I think we need to be more conscious about the rule of the road. Most of the people who are on the road forget more often that they are in an area where everyone has his own rights and that unless we respect each other's right, there will be accidents. Let alone the persons behind the wheels, one feels sorry when we see pedestrians crossing the road without waiting for the signal and they are least bothered about the vehicles that are running towards them.

    We need to change the attitude that it is the other person's responsibility to see that no accident take place. Unless we start behaving properly with mutual respect on the roads, avoidable accidents will continue to occur taking lives or disabling people.

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    I don't ride vehicle much, it's my husband who rides it. Yes, he does follow traffic rules but due to increase in the traffic and his office being very far there are instances where he has crossed the red signal just to reach on time. Otherwise when he has all his time, he patiently waits for the signal to turn green. He follows all the other safter measures on road.

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    Sushma, being in a hurry is no excuse to flout traffic rules. One should make it a point to keep enough time handy to meet with exigencies like traffic blocks etc. In case something unavoidable comes in between, I think it would be better to be late than jumping signals!
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    I usually drive slow so chances of violations are less but honestly speaking in past I had made a few violations at traffic lights and was fined also.

    One thing I have observed is that if you drive slow (less than 70) you can avoid lot many problems and embarrassments in traffic.

    A place where people abide by the traffic rules is definitely a place where everyone will like to dwell. Who wants the rash driving and driving rages.
    Unfortunately there is not a good governance for punishing the traffic violaters otherwise it would have deterred the people to drive rash in traffic.

    For a person to be a good citizen there are certain parameters and I will say that observing traffic rules is one of them.

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