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    Do you feel the present day journalism / media stick to their basic ethics?

    Does media today have any ethics? Do they follow the basics of what we believe to be constructive journalism? How much can we rely on media reports? Read on and participate in the discussion to learn more about this important issue about the degeneration of the so called fourth pillar of democracy.

    Journalism is a noble profession which is a combination of so many elements like boldness, honesty, knowledge, unbiased, vigilance etc. It has the wings in media in so many areas through print dailies, periodicals and through electronic mode i.e. television, internet, social media, etc. Journalism has to live with basic ethics like unbiased reporting, true reporting and maintaining neutrality in sensational issues. The standards of such an important profession have dropped down to earth nowadays globally.

    Unfortunately, we have missed out the said basic ethics in today's journalism/media. Today, in our country, every political party has their own media (in both print and electronic) and if you put on any news channel in television or want to read any news paper, the channel / paper reports about their party's agenda, political speech according to their will and wish only. But the normal public is not in a position to know what is correct and what is wrong because when one channel portrays an issue as pro-society the other one portrays the same issue as anti-society. Even USA is not exempt from this scenario as anti-Trump media is being targeted these days as we have been reading regularly for the last few days.

    Where is this journalism is going to? Do we get a chance to witness pure journalism? What do you say my dear members?
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    Definitely no. Indian media, especially English media (both print and tele) are totally self-oriented and TRP-oriented. They project half-truth, lies and depend upon deception and sometime block news which make them uncomfortable. Some of the media-persons also used to work as power-brokers and some of them have unaccounted income. They are habituated to get various undue favours and when such favours are stopped or curtailed, these media-people start howling.
    There is no ethic in today's journalism.

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    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    The fourth pillar of Indian democracy, Journalism/media is not a straight pillar now a days. They exploit the situation and try to make money. As well said by our beloved Abdul Kalam Ji,. the moment you open a newspaper or a channel all negative news will be printed as headlines and positive information will come somewhere in the bottom down the line. Accidents, murders, political news will take a major portion than good information.

    Present day media / Journalism don't have morals and ethics. All channels and papers are having political affiliations and correct information will not be given. One good example for this is recent demonetization . They highlighted the ATM failures and other small small problems as very big. They made the people get confused. But common man understood the issue and cooperated with the Government.

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    By the way what the are basic guidelines which are laid by the rule of the land and which media is following it. They wont carry the necessary reports against the government instead focus on some unwanted personal issues of celebrities or some issue connected to the murders and so on. On the recent note ban and demonetization no media really brought the sufferings of common man. Just showing big queues in front of the banks and ATM's they cannot end their responsibilities. Even today I could see some old citizens and women are holding old 500 and 1000 rupee banned notes in front of RBI, Hyderabad and no media is covering this issue. As per government and PM Modi's promise, one can exchange the old notes for new at RBI after 30th Dec. But that was not followed by RBI nor questioned or covered by any media so far.
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    Media is the most powerful entity and it can affect the mind of public tremendously. If media does not bother for truth and only presents what is beneficial to it then it is the most worrisome matter.

    Unfortunately today in our country the media is not honestly doing its job and many times misguiding the public.
    Some of the news agencies are openly broadcasting in favour of the ruling party while others are following their own godfathers.

    The future of journalism is at stake and if media deteriorates like this then what is there in freedom of expression.

    For a radical change in society or government system there is a need for ethical media without which no movement will be successful.

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    Media today is total business and they are least bothered about their social responsibility. We used to rely totally on the print media and the radio news in the earlier days to keep ourselves abreast of the happenings around the world. News was news then and not stories as is being done now.

    Media is after breaking news and there is stiff competition among the visual media which prompts them to create stories from available one liners so that their TRP is maintained. Journalists are just puppets in the hands of the management and they go by what is dictated to them. This profession no longer believe in any social commitment and have no ethics. There may be a few journalists who want to stand by the truth and are not interested in creating fake interpretations but, they need to survive and so are forced to make compromises. The public has to filter news today and cannot blindly believe in whatever is being told/ shown to them.

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