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    ISC Editors are not fun lovers

    Deeply regret to inform ISC and its members that ISC editors are not fun lovers. They are very serious with serious threads only. Neither they post some fun threads or respond to a fun thread or allow members to raise a fun thread or allow members to post their fun responses. They are against fun, especially the fun of Sun.

    At times, we need fun to enjoy and get relieved from the boring serious threads and responses at ISC.

    Very recently, I raised a genuine fun thread (a puzzle to solve) keeping the ISC members. And a creative story thread by one member for which creative fun answer was posted. ISC editor went against this. Why? Is it not that Editors don't love fun but serious?
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    Again another dig again against Editors by Sun. Can you give the urls of the said threads where discussion was not allowed by the Speaker, sorry Editor?

    It's not correct that editors are not fun lovers. ME, other editors and even myself have participated in many of your fun threads. We have received 'gifts' from you also. have you forgotten this? This is a wild allegation. Why you are wasting your time and that of ours?


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    Just go through the recent puzzle thread which has been locked with the abrupt response from a forum editor, and also read through my responses to Partha's creative story about a Bengali in Mumbai/Bombay.

    Yes. Editors were once fun lovers, but not now. they are serious and serious forgetting the fun.

    No life without Sun

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    Who says fun is not liked. If the fun is really genuine and enjoyable , every member and editor would certainly participate and give pride to the author who raised it. And if the fun has the dig at others surely it wont be liked nor solicited here.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    For the convenience of interested members, this is the thread to which the author claims to have posted creative responses and this is the 'fun' thread which he alleges to have been abruptly locked (despite reason having been provided).
    'Don't miss the Donut by looking through the hole'- Anonymous.

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    A puzzle has to be read and understood. A puzzle will have the hidden material and meaning that has to be unearthed. My puzzle in question pertaining to ISCian and it doesn't harm any ISCian as they are quoted as running horses which is the fact, but in the puzzle form. Also, you did not answer my two questions that I raised in the Bengali in Mumbai thread of Partha.

    No life without Sun

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    Editors have been given certain guidelines and regulatory framework to observe and monitor if any of the post is violating the spirit of ISC. If so they may object or delete the thread as per their judgement.

    Members are responsible for posting proper and admissible contents and at the same time editors also have to be judicious in their assessment of the material posted by members.

    In case of any mismatch between the two, unnecessary conflicts of opinions will emerge.

    ISC will progress in leaps and bounds if there is good understanding between the editors and the members.

    I have no intention of preaching but harmony is required for development of group academics.

    Knowledge is power.

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