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    Regarding National anthem recording

    I want to know whether there is any prohibition in the Indian constitution regarding "recording of national anthem" and sharing with friends. Provide me with the information
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    As far as my knowledge goes there is nothing wrong to record the National anthem and share with friends provided you follow the original version and no distortion. I came across some audio clips making rounds in the social media where in a small child was made to sing the song with almost distorting every word to give a funny look to the audio. That kind of things are not allowed and that is punishable offense too. If you want original National anthem in musical format then go for the Presidential troop rendering the same and for that matter any clippings played by the Indian Army is authentic.
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    There are no restrictions as such with regard to singing or recording of the National Anthem, but it should be done with respect and proper decorum is to be followed. Please have a look at the orders here at in this connection. Disrespect to the Anthem is punishable by law.
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    National Anthem is our national honour and it is not a thing to joke or play.
    Whatever is to be done involving National Anthem is to be done with respect, grace and dignity.
    Recording of National Anthem is absolutely no problem. Only thing is do not distort it and do not misuse it.
    One should be very careful where one is playing it or what purpose. It is not for amusement and fun.
    The National Anthem of a country is it's pride and its honours are to be kept at highest level.

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