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    Mission Knowledge sharing- Teach one child for free

    Most of us are all well educated in one field or the other and there are still many poor who cannot afford basic education either due to poverty or not reachable to school threshold for various reasons. We the ISC members can take a pledge today and educate at least one child near our home for free. That would be the great cause and this mission of knowledge sharing which would be ignited by us shall make others to follow the suit. Just imagine the happiness and radiance a child would get on the face when he gets free education and also see how the parent of the child would feel be ever grateful to you.

    This is the Tow topic for Mission.
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    A very noble thought posted by the author. I doubt if every member will have the capacity of teaching a child for free because education these days has become a business. But who ever is capable of doing it should definitely do it. But others can try helping poor by buying books, uniforms and other necessary items. They can help poor by giving the examination fees.

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    An excellent thread from Mr. Mohan. Sometime back, we used to hear a slogan: "Each one, Teach one." But it is really very difficult to practice, especially when the guardians can't properly train their own chilren. For them, to take responsibility of education of another child is almost an impossible task.
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    Mission is very good.But these days no one has time for such activity.Most of time are spent in earning money.Who are n't involved they have no interest of social service.If you suggest this type of activity ,they ask What will we get?
    These days complete focus is in earning money by hook and crook. Many NGOs are running this program.These organisations have target,I see people who wants to support the education of a child ,donates for that.The NGOs hire teachers for teaching those students.

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    Your mission is the mission to nourish the base of the nation and to secure the future of India. Most of the children in India failed to have a formal primary education. Even we have right to Education but fail to achieve the goal of sending each and every child to school. The author's mission will really help to achieve the goal. Let's take a pledge to teach or share the knowledge we have gained but those innocent are unable to afford and have reached.
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    This is very good idea to form a educated nation. But i don't think people have time to do these kind of social service. Everyone is busy in their daily life. A person who is rich or poor is unable to give anything to anyone at free of cost. Nowadays money has become most powerful thing. But still people can aware these children for free education in govt schools. Our govt is providing too many facilities to educate whole nation but there are many people who are not availing benifits of these facilities. We can aware them about all these education programs. But as author asked to take a pledge to educate a child. Being a ISCian i will try my best.

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