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    The life of a Bengali bachelor settling in Bombay/Mumbai-(Part-II)

    (Continued from Part-I)

    Now I have to use the mixer-cum-grinder to grind the mustard seeds. I have to be careful because I generally do not use this. Somehow, I have managed it without much problem.

    Initial preparation is almost complete. Let me hear some Bengali song to get into proper mood. After all, hilsha fish must be given due respect. Let me hear some 'bhatiali' song. Where are my tape-recorder and the cassettes? Oh! I forget. I have to slit three or four green chilies longitudinally! This has been done now.

    Now I have to be quick. It is almost 11 p.m. So let me quickly put the marinated pieces into oil. My God! Very hot oil is coming out. Ufff….! Serious problem. My skin is being burnt in three or four places. Why is the hot oil taking revenge on me? The matter is getting out of my hand. Do I have Burnol in the cupboard?

    Danger never comes alone. Is this the time for the 'lungi' to betray me? It is going down. It is really an awkward and painful situation. But from where do I hear sounds of laughter?

    My God! The landlady and her daughter are watching everything from their window. Every month I remind myself to put curtain on the kitchen window, but every time I forget to do so. Horrible condition! But my burn marks will surely give me more problems. Already there are big burn boils on my face and on my right hand. It is 11:30 now. No doctor will be available at night.

    The bell rings. Hell! Who has come at this ungodly hour? Writhing in terrible pain somehow I open the door. The landlady and her daughter are standing outside. The landlady enters the kitchenette, keeps the hanky on her nose and switches off the knob of the oven. Then she comes back. Both of them ask me to lie down on my bed. The mother-daughter duo applies Burnol and some other unknown medicines on my burn marks. The daughter whispers something in her mother's ear. My landlady agrees. The college-going girl gets out and brings a taxi. Then both of them take me to the hospital.

    Throughout the night they remain with me in the hospital. In the morning they accompany me to my apartment. My special day ends in a terribly bad note.

    Returning to my apartment, I find that my precious hilsha has been enjoyed by the pet cat of my landlady entering through the open kitchen window. However, on the eventful night, I have developed a special relationship with my Marathi landlady and her beautiful daughter.
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    Partha, while the first part of the story was captivating and sounded original, I am sorry but I would like to be frank to say that the second part is disappointing and sounds totally exaggerated.
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    Mr. Saji Ganesh: The entire story is original. May be I couldn't explain the situation properly due to my poor communication skill in English.
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    The story has taken a twist and twist is full of humanitarian touch.
    A Bengali bachelor in Mumbai getting attention of his house owner in case of such incident is really kindles a happy feeling.
    I was not very sure about the part-II and was only guessing some stereotypes but Kansabanik has finally brought a good and what I should say noble end to the story.
    Sometimes it is not the knowledge of English language but the creative writer inside you that does the wonder. Never mind even if you believe that your communication is not so good in English.
    Keep going on to post your creative prose pieces.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Wah! wah! wah! What a great creative story to tell the true story of a Bengali in Bombay! There is nothing to comment except to say earn a single point.
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    Partha, I used the word original in my response at #591900 in the context that the first part of your story was very creative and had the natural flow while the second part lacks the same. And, I don't think that expertise in a language has much to do with communication when it comes to a creative work.
    'Don't miss the Donut by looking through the hole'- Anonymous.

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