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    How to earn after posting an article?

    I have just posted an Article on indiastudy channel? Now what's the next step? How can I earn for this article? Link of the article is:
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    Harneet, welcome to ISC! Once you submit an article, the same will be reviewed by an editor and if approved, points and cash credits according to the quality and relevance of your article will be awarded. Though such review is usually done within three to four days, as per availability of editors and also depending on the number of new submissions in the section, since you are a new member, the review is likely to take a bit longer time. You can claim the payments (if any) only after reaching a minimum payout amount and the same will be credited to your bankers after completion of necessary formalities.

    As a new member, it would have been better if you had taken some time to get acquainted with the policies and requirements of this site before becoming active here. We always advice new members to start by posting in the forum section so that they get to understand the site and its members without much effort. Please read and understand the Posting Guidelines and Help Topic so as to familiarize yourself with ISC. Feel free to ask any doubt about this site by posting a thread in the forum. All the best!

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    Harneeet Kaur warm welcome to this site as the new member and just visited your first article written on Goa exotic night life which was very interesting. But it seems you have not gone through the posting guidelines and how to post good articles. The side headings can be made bold with more presentable look. The article could have added with some images of Goa which again should have been your own pictures. Any way the editors will take two to three days to review the article and after that was approved, I shall also write my review on your first article to this great site. And regarding earning potentials. once the article gets approved, you will get cash credits and points. Cash credits will be more for detailed articles with illustrations and images and points would gather your eligibility to compete for the top 20 members for the site revenue bonus every month.
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    As ISC's tagline says "Learn to earn, Earn to learn". You need to do it and you'll earn as much as you earn. As I can see your article it is not yet approved, wait till our Editors review it and approve it. You have raised a nice article. Keep sharing stuff like this and you'll earn from your sharing.
    Once your article is approved you can share it on social media using the Share button which is available on the bottom of your article and start writing your next article. The more article you write the more you can earn.

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