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    It was thrilled to watch this extremely talented kid’s singing

    It is just so thrilling to watch a 5 years kids singing with so much balanced voice and tune also with the right pitch. Mind you, singing "Channa Mere ya…song from the film "Ye Dil Hai Mushkil is not as easy as it looks. It has the variations of ups and down in voice while singing this song. It needs a really matured singing to sing such song with such authority. He may not matched the real singer but he did all to balance his voice while singing in high pitch and ended in right note and that's something comes to a singer who are God gifted.

    This LIL CHAMPS kid whose name is Jayas won my heart and of course lots of people those who watched him singing. He needs a big applause. God bless him for the future.
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    Generally I don't watch reality shows or this type of music competitions or dance competitions. But whenever I watch such programmes,, I admire the ability and practice ('sadhna') of these young kids.
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    Not only one, there are many child singers from various states of different languages where one can find the talented child singers. The reality shows gave an opportunity to such a children and brought them to the fore. We should be thankful to the TV media which helps to bring out the hidden talent of the Indian, may it be an old, or young or child or kid. Music has no language and age. It is evergreen forever.
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    Singing is an art and requires a lot of practice to perfect it. One can try to learn it at any age but the best is as early as possible.
    If a child is taught the music from early age his pick will be far better and quick rather than an aged person. Only thing is natural voice and grasp will vary from individual to individual which we say as someone blessed with singing.
    This particular child might be one of those exposed to music early as well as blessed with a sweet voice.

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    For that matter if you watch any children program on any channel churning out the dance and singing talent, we would be baffled to see scores of them giving their best performance. In Tamil also the channels like SUN, Vijay and even Zee Tamil are engaged to find out best talent in children in singing and dancing. I could understand the feeling of the author when some voices really touch our heart no matter even it was from a kid like Jayas. One thing is sure, whether those children get the chance to sing in the films or not they would certainly get good opportunities for private albums in future.
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    I am not talking about practice or skill here. Anyway a five year old kid is too small to understand the meaning of such words. What amazed me that his balancing the tone, singing the lower note with utmost clarity and then go to high pitch with correct note. Singing a song on stage is one of the most difficult task (it is easier to sing in recording studios) where you need to catch the correct note to start and end it with correct note while matching with the musicians who keep playing music along with you.

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    Jeets understanding of the meaning of words is not important and the children imitate what ever taught to them by the adults and in this case may be guru. So the child picks up every detail and present in such a way to the satisfaction of all.
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    Mohanji, something can't be taught, it comes with inborn ability. Not every five year old kids those would be taught singing could pick the correct pitch so easily, it takes time. You just need to be much more musical than it is needed, to sing so well in such age. He may or may not become a great singer in future that is a different thing.

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