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    What do you feel about over caring people

    Some people are over caring about their loved ones. Even for a small cut they worry a lot and question about the pain several times. Even if it is healed completely they will still have concerns that it is painful. Caring for people is good but at the same time over caring might be annoying. The care of a person should not be a headache for the other person.
    What are your views about over caring nature of someone? Is it because of the possessiveness that nothing should happen to their close ones, they care a lot?
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    Over caring is a trait found in some persons and it is sometimes very annoying. One example is mother. Many mothers have this trait and they will always be after their children to find out if they are comfortable or not, whether they have taken their food or not, what time they will be returning home and things like that.
    Sometimes people may like this for their comfort but many times the repetitiveness of concerns creates a situation of irritation and people start to react.

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    I have seen that the couples who had late issue or the first child born after so many years of marriage, their attachment to the child would be over caring and sometimes it would be a cause of conflict with other persons. No doubt nurturing of child is the basic duty of every parent, but over caring would lead to new demands by the child when he grows up. For example when a child is habituated to eat by showing the people walking on the road or by showing some trees or flowers in the garden. the same way of eating would be liked even if he becomes big. Slowly as the child grows, the mother should divert the attention and make him to accept the ordinary life. Over caring can be tolerated by the mother, but others wont like it. They will simply discard the child if he keeps on behaving strangely.
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    Caring for someone is always correct. But over caring is not a good practice. Chances of children getting spoiled are more if you over care for them. Generally mothers will be over caring their children. If the child has done any mistake father will generally correct him sometimes by warning him , but mother will try to defend the child. This attitude always create a problem and the child will try to keep away from father and try to hide the things from his father.

    One should see that their children can face any difficult situations also in the life. If unnecessarily we pamper the children, later on it will become very difficult for him to face the challenges.

    So always we should care for the children but should not over care them. Parents should teach them the realities of life.

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    Over caring makes a child overprotected.In the long run the child is unable to take self decision.In of the theory of education a child should get freedom ,so that he learns things by making mistakes.Over caring makes the child coward.After getting good education this type of child doesn't become successful.He/She looks towards his/her parents getting signal what to do.Over dependence makes the personality weak.
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    One should feel lucky that there is someone over caring, rather than no one caring at all.
    Too much affection and concern leads to over care. Usually this happens with parents and spouses. The one who takes care feels that the other is not able to take care by himself/herself.
    Moreover over care happens hen the person who takes care has more knowledge about and also of the consequences of something. For example a child may be knowing that playing on dust and dirt makes its clothes dirty. But its mother is aware that unhygienic environment can cause infections and other diseases. So the mother becomes concerned and takes more care, which the child may feel irritated with as over care. A mother of a teenage daughter may feel much concerned about her daughter going out in the night especially in dark lanes and lonely roads. The mother may be warning a lot and dissuading and if permitted, giving many conditions and cautions. The daughter may feel it as over care.
    It takes some real convincing with real proof action to make the over caring person understand that one can take care of himself. herself.

    Over caring may be appearing as nuisance and interference, but if one can take things in stride, then it can really help and take our own burden away.

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    Over caring of a child makes a child dull since the child is not given an oppurtunity to apply his own mental faculty. Such treatment can deprive of the situation where own decision is required to be taken such as undertaking Home - works or any participation of debate organised by the school. These skills would require an independent approach of the child and in absence of such qualities, the extreme care taken by the parents would not pay any dividend the over protected child. The parents should note the important steps required in the overhaul development of the child and should ensure that the child is being brought up in an hour ntellevtual,atmosphere where his creativity is to be encouraged to make the child a prudent and a sensible citizen.

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