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    Signing petition- does it really work?

    We often get requests or see requests on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook to sign petition requesting for something. We might have even signed several petitions as well. But does signing this petition reach the government or the concerned person? If at all it has reached the concerned, has the action been taken accordingly? Does the signed petition has value and weightage to it?
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    There is always difference between complaint by a Individual or signing by many. The court, the government and the officials would certainly accept any petition signed by group or many people and they are bound to give reply or answer too. When you give a petition Individually, there are every chance of putting them in dustbin. Moreover when a petition is signed by so many people the responsibility of the office or the department increase and it is bound to take immediate action, otherwise it can be challenged in the court of law for neglecting the voice of the people. I shall always oblige any petition which is inclusively participated and signed by many.
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    Signing campaignes are very popular in social media. Most of the citizens are eager to participate if it is for a noble cause.
    This is basically an advertisement type of thing for a particular issue as after this the issue is highlighted.
    Whether Government or other concern agencies take a note of this or not is an entirely different matter.
    Anyway sometimes this type of online movement creates a good and concerned group who definitely affect the thinking of common people in that matter and there are chances that it becomes a national level mass movement and Government is also forced to take a note of it.

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    Signature campaigns, no doubt, helps in creating an impact; more the participation, more will be the reach and the cause for which such campaigns are held gets discussed on a large platform. But, I don't think such campaigns can produce results every time. The success of such campaigns depends on the cause for which it is conducted and the possibility of administrative action on such issues. Such petitions may be given better attention than what is given to individual petitions by the authorities but actions are never guaranteed. I don't think even those who raise such campaigns hope for a solution, they are more than happy if the cause for which they stand reaches a large number of people and is noticed by the authorities. Actually, that is the sad part; going after an issue and being satisfied without any concrete results coming in.
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