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    Do we really following Mission save girl child and trees?

    There are lot of plans started by central government for saving girl child like " Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana" and proposing small token of bonus if you have girl child birth. Local government also encourage to have more birth of girl child through "Kanya Upvans" plan which encourage parents of girl birth child to donate and plant samplings of trees in gardens and that way create more parks in neighborhood. Still this mission of save girl child seems more of getting followed in metropolitan cities and few states only. At the same hand government itself cutting trees in same of infrastructure and not introducing new gardens and plantation. Even these both missions everyone wanted to participate but on ground it is becoming mission impossible. What are your thoughts and experience?
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    Is it not pathetic that we have to make a mission out of something which must come naturally to us? If the Government has to intervene and ensure that people do not kill their daughters it shows us, as a society, in such poor light. This is who we really are – a bunch of murderers, who do not hesitate to take the life of our own flesh and blood.

    We mock others for their morals, but what can be worse and more morally erroneous than parents taking the life of their own children. This is not backwardness; this is a blotch on the human race. We should be ashamed. All the self-praise of how great we are falls flat in the face of all this.

    A society that cannot bring into this world their own offspring (daughter) will not bother about creating a better world for the male heirs they raise. These matters should not be the national agenda, but they have to be because of who we are. We need sops to bring our own children into the world. How pitiable is that?

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    The author has raked up a relevant social issue through the tow topic and it is the fact that save girl child Mission has not gone well and still we find reports of girl child abortion especially from the North India. Government may appoint brand ambassadors and give big slogans in the media about importance of girl child and planting a tree in her name, but all those goes waste unless and until the officials make that program a regular one and even make it popular. In this regard I wish to thank the Star plus channels with its Nayi soch vichaar , has now started showing new serials purely based on woman emancipation and greater thrust to child rights and boosting the confidence of every move. The role of Avni in Naamkaran is the best example of how the child can take the mighty even at the teen age.
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    Governments are there to announce any such kind novel policies. We all can welcome such policies with pure heart. But the thing of lacking in democracy is follow up / continuance of such wonderful policies. Swatch Bharat is also not a policy to set aside from this policy. One of our members are suggesting to have more publicity and awareness of the instant policy. But we are all witnessing the fate of the Swatch Bharat policy, though it has wider publicity with so many ambassadors from almost of the sectors.

    Any how, if pure implementation of the slogan 'Save Girl Child and Plant a Tree', is done in reality, the life of the earth is more than our imagination with lush green pure environment with aroma of feminine beauty.

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    While it is said that only men had intention to have boy child , couple is equally responsible for accepting this intolerance.
    it is evident that earlier post India independence there was not much problem of having girl child, reason might be that having more births irrespective of boy or girl and high mortality rate of newborns due to inadequate medical facilities. But now with high technology and reducing number of births we can check the baby if male or female. Which is very harmful. There should be harsh punishment for such people and same time there should be free education for girls till their marriage so that people should not think girl being liability.
    On the same note cutting a single tree should have harsh punishment and our local Gram Panchayat and BDO should do micro level monitoring of their sectors.

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