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    One more question: Regards and its friend.

    In continuation of my query I asked in the thread

    Yours sincerely or yours faithfully

    and to avoid the chutney of the same as suggested by Mr. Sun here is my one more question

    most of the response is suggesting that yours faithfully for generalized letter and yours sincerely for office letter or to the authority we know. But I found and saw some official letter have 'regards' as ending. Is this correct? or Is this new form of ending the letter? If it is, I would like to know more of this.
    "Regards have friends or it is alone."
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    Regards is just a courtesy thing which people put in the end of a letter. These letters are generally written from companies or corporates to individuals or other companies.

    It is a formal way of ending a letter. It is rarely used in personal or intimate letters.

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    If people find it different to use faithfully or sincerely, to end the letter, they may use regards which simplifies the formal way of writing letter and giving a nice ending to it.
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    The format of email letters are different from mails.In email letter I see people do n't use salutation as we use in mails.They don't write yours faithfully and sincerely.It is such a way Dear is taken place of Respected.Some times in email people write the name without using any salutation.They end the letter with thanking you.
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    In official status if letter is not purely official and if it requires personal attention by the person concerned (though designated) the regards is used. But I feel those kind of formalities and set of typing is not seen now with the advent of many form of letters.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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