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    "Mission Impossible" is their something like that exist?

    People often set goals in life and than make it their mission to achieve those goals. And on their mission toward their goal they face many situation where they believe that this is mission impossible, some of these people stop right their or try to find some another mission for themselves but those who keep going, those who have hunger to achieve their goals and consistency in their work they at some point gets the secret to achieve those goals.
    And that secret is their is nothing like Mission Impossible, It is all in our head that we tend to make things possible and impossible. And If we really want something, If we really want to achieve a mission than its not Impossible. But it is necessary to think about the mission which seems Impossible this thinking helps us to make all those impossible missions possible because some people don't even give a thought to these missions as they have a preset mindset that they are impossible to achieve.
    I think everyone in ISC may have crossed that border of mission impossible once in a while in their lifetime, so if you don't have any problem in sharing please share your experience about any such impossible missions you used to think back than and how you made those missions possible.
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    When I was a student I used to think whether I would be able to outstand as number one in my class in the examination. Though the mission looked impossible to me, I always thought- let me try hard and achieve.
    I am talking of those times when I was in class XII. I passed the examination with good percentage (68%) but I was not number one. There were 4 boys ahead of me. Anyway my parents were very happy with my performance.
    When I joined college for B.Sc. degree, I was again having same old feeling - my mission for number one in college. It seemed tougher this time as meritorious students from all over the district were now in the fray.
    My determination was increasing day by day and one of my professor asked me a favour - rewrite his mathematics books in legible Hindi handwriting- as my handwriting was reputed to be one of the finest in the area. I was a bit afraid as the job seemed difficult. But somehow my mission was lingering in the back of my mind and I offered to do it.
    I completed the work in record time by putting extra hours and gave him the manuscripts.
    When I completed my degree and the result was astonishing - I was number one in the college surpassing all my fellow students.
    In fact it was due to Mathematics where I scored a staggering 98%.
    Sometimes even an impossible mission is achieved.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Nothing is impossible unless one don't try only then it will be impossible for that particular individual to get it whatever he/she wanting to get, in the word impossible clearly written that the word is saying I M POSSIBLE but only to those who are really clear about their goal to achieve, some people say that it is really impossible for me to get this or that or it is impossible for any human being to get it, actually what happened is that they are not focused on their goals, they make their mind before only that it is impossible and it can't be conquerable.
    live happily in every situation of life

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    The word Mission Impossible can be read as Mission I 'm Possible. That means if a person takes the task to the heart , surely there would ways and means to achieve the target and meet the progress very easily. Even at ISC , we find many members crossing their mile stones and creating new records or surpassing other established record. What it means .? Consistency and perseverance coupled with patience and tolerance are some inherited quality which enables some members to be ahead of others beyond reach. In Tamil there is a saying that " Siru Thuli, Peru Vellam" that means if you go on saving drops, one day it will become a big quantity may be equivalent to flooding. Same way what ever work we take, we should not take break or discontinue and thus the daily adage of work will bring bigger result baffling others.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author has set all the ISCians in the mood of like 'Mission Impossible' to understand the thread on first reading with the usage of words possible and impossible. Anyhow to come to the point every person would definitely set Mission Impossible task at least once at one point of time in their life. Once such kind of mindset is fixed, whatever be the kind of person, he/she puts his/her restless efforts to achieve the goal they set. Once the efforts are made with whole heart, positive results would definitely on the cards.

    For me personally to get a govt. job was looks like a Mission Impossible task during my childhood. However, without tasting any kind of agony in job trials, I could made my place in central government as its servant in very first attempt itself. So, I can say Mission Impossible was possible for me.

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