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    Time can steal anything from you. But not your faith and confidence.

    This thread is dedicated to all those who are broken in the life due to series of challenges and bad period and they have fear factor that the days wont turn favor in future too. Please note that time can steal our love, our loved ones, our belongings and even our victory. But time never has no guts to steal our faith and confidence which are two great factors help us to regain everything lost in the past. So next time any bad things happen or challenged by tricky situation, be calm and quiet and deal the situation with great courage as you have great faith in you with abundant confidence.
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    I may partly agree with the author as time is the only factor makes a human to lose faith and confidence in an unexpected and unwarranted situations. To regain the both, one has to wait till his wonderful time. However, a good suggestion given by the author that don't lose hopes on faith and confidence under any circumstances. But certainly I can tell that any bad situations or tough period would be a good lesson for future and one can definitely improve his confidence and faith to come over from such type of situations, if recurs.

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    I can't agree on the premise that time can;t steal faith and confidence.It has power to destroy and build anything. Time can destroy faith too. And so does confidence.

    In fact breaking confidence of any person is very easy for time to do. All time has to do is turn the persons luck into bad luck. Everything they do if turns out into low success activity, results in bad luck. And if this compounds, confidence gets shot.

    So time has pretty much complete control over all the variables in life. You can get damaged with it pretty easily.

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    Bad times in a person make him or induce him to take wrong decision which may lead to failure or loss. But gearing up and facing the challenge is the immediate task which may lead to faith , trust and confidence.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Life is a continuous struggle and new challenges crop up time to time.

    People work hard day and night to cope up with these challenges but many times failures are there and they discourage them and a situation of helplessness and melancholy is generated.
    In such times one has to keep a brave face and should not lose his faith and confidence because in life if you stop struggling that is the end of your growth. Time is sometimes cruel but there is no need of panic and weeping.

    Remember there is a morning after every night.

    Only thing is required is perseverance, patience and will to continue struggling.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I am totally agree with you.Yes time can steal every thing from us ,but n't our faith and confidence.We see people love their sons and daughters too much ,but when they entered in their married lives ,,there have n't essence of sweetness as it was in young ages.Faith and confidence are one's own thing.It lives in our heart fore ever. I see my father ,who is 85 years of old ,he has complete faith in himself,he does the things ,which is impossible for us.He reads three or four papers daily. He listens B.B .C news daily.He has no grievances ,what do his sons/daughters do for him.Till now he takes care for all.He has complete faith and confidence in himself ,which are the essence of his life.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    Yeah, this is true time can snatch anything but faith and confidence. If you have faith in your doings then hard time will pass easily. You just need to have faith in yourself and should be confident towards your own action. We may feel low sometimes but we should always think that this is not ending. I read somewhere that ending is always happy and if it is not happy then this is not ending. And i think we all should have this thought in our mind.

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    Any one should not loose confidence under any circumstances. Even Though we may face hardships sometimes and we may fail in our missions we should not get disheartened. We should remember that failures are the stepping stones of success. If there are no failures no one can have the sweetness of success. It is not the end. Still many ways are there. We must try different ways and we will be successful. In fact my opinion is as time passes we will forget the failures and we will get rejuvenated for success with new ways and means.
    always confident

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    Really I was impressed with the title of the thread. A very nice quote that inspires everyone not to lose heart in bad times. Certainly they are temporary and same time would heal the wound and make you to fight the challenges in life. A very good motivational thread from a seasoned member of this site, I can say.

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