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    Can we start a mission to help poor animals

    We come across so many poor animals starving for food. Everyday when we see a dog or cat and we chase them. Now that summer has started animals and birds will even be thirsty and will be in search of water too. Can we all have our mission to help animals and birds as much as we can?
    When we see a dog or cat, instead of chasing we can try providing food like biscuits, milk etc. We can put some rice were we see a lot of pigeons or other birds so that they can eat them. We can keep a bowl of water in the window or balcony for these innocent creatures to drink. That way we can help the poor animals and our mission can be reached.
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    One need not start a mission to feed the poor or for that matter any animals or birds. We the human beings are bound to cater to the needs of poor and animals because we can afford to do that. In our home before we eat, we keep the share of handful cooked rice to the crow and birds. At our area there are so many birds living freely and as soon as we keep the rice, right from squirrel to different birds would feed on them and that gives great satisfaction. Now a days we are getting mid day meals at rupees five. If you feel some one is really starving and wanted to help. you can feed them with sumptuous full meals for five rupees only. I am of the opinion that if every person of India cater to one poor person daily and feed the animals, surely no one would sleep starved for that day and the blessings we get would be immense.
    K Mohan
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    God has created all the creatures ensuring their food for the day. No one starves. The so called poor animals can eat anything and everything. They can drink any water. Their construction of the body is such that they can withstand anything. The stray dogs are generally healthy. Of course, our food waste is served to the animals that come to our home, the birds that visit our area. There is a general practice among Hindus to offer the food cooked to the crows. At times, we may not find a single crow to take the food. They make us starve for few hours. There are people who won't take food unless the crow takes the food. My wife keeps a bucket of water mixed with old rice, curry etc in front of my gate. A cow comes regularly at a fixed time and consumes it. On any day, if the cow doesn't find a bucket, she calls 'Amma....." and my wife rushes with a bucket of fresh water.

    Feed animals which come home, but don't go in search of animals to feed them.

    I don't think a mission is required to achieve this. Each and every home should adopt a dog or cat as they are the only domestic animals not cared much by the people. All other domestic animals like Cow, Ox, buffalo, goat, lamb etc are cared well by the owner.

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