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    Do I get paid through all revenue sharing programs or just one at a time?

    I might not be well updated but wanted to know if ISC revenue sharing programs like AdSense, Infolinks,Kontera. Do all these pays member same time for their content or at a time only one is enabled which pays member? ISC do have some revenue sharing with AdSense , is it same percentage for other revenue sharing sites too?
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    Please understand that ISC revenue bonus share is applicable to those members who rank top 20 every month and the benefit is shared pro-rota based on the Individual contributions for that month. Adsense is the Google revenue program which again depends on your good writing caliber in article section for which you will also paid from the ISC side too on approval. Infolinks is the word ads facility and to which also the members are eligible. While RSB of ISC can be had every month end, the Adsense depends on your speed and accurate way of writing articles and your interest to share more. Like wise other ad programs too.
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    Dear K Mohan my question is not sharing ISC revenue. But thanks for clarification that only top 20 ranks members are eligible for it. I am talking about revenue sharing sites like AdSense and Infolinks who publish their ads in ISC. So my question again if read is if we are eligible to get earning from these all site at same time or just one of them? I.e. If I have AdSense and infolinks accounts approved and added them in ISC, will I be benefitted all at same time or just one at a time.
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    You will be benefitted by all of them collectively.
    ISC cash, AdSense and Kontera/Infolinks work collectively and you will be benefitted by all of them.

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    Getting cash benefits through article writing is the greatest fetch, then comes qualifying for the site bonus revenue, then comes the Adsense revenue earning which also purely depends on visits by net users and earnings from Kontera is very less and continuing.
    K Mohan
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