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    Is reserved journey in the railways actually reserved?

    Reserved journey in a train cannot be actually said to be reserved. I had got reservation in Patna-Indore Express train thinking that the journey would be comfortable. But it was not comfortable. Some local passengers entered the coach and started to ask for seats. When I told them that we had reservation,they said, "We travel daily, no one protests. It's not a matter whether we have tickets or not". The reserved compartment seemed unreserved. Beggars and hawkers were allowed to enter reserved compartments. I was thinking why railway authorities are not looking into these issues. Why they are not implementing strict laws? Why doesn't the railways ensure us the facilities that we have paid for? Please share your views.
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    Indu Singh this is the pertinent problems across the Indian Railways. When ever some express trains pass through important cities and town en route, the season ticket passengers, and the general ticket holders enters the reserved compartments and occupy the seat with coercive method. This has have seen in Madras express up to Miryalguda and Guntur and on return journey up to Nellore and Guntur. Though the TT is supposed to clear this unauthorized excesses of passengers, they try to ignore as these are the regulars daily and the TT has the risk to his life. Suresh Prabhu , the Railway Minister is seeking the ways and means to improve the Railways functioning and this menace mentioned by the author must be addressed immediately as it seems to he regular problems across the country..
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    This is the main problem faced by the passengers in North of India only, especially in states like Bihar, MP and UP. In the southern trains, no one except the vendors are allowed to board the reserved coaches. North is indisciplined and South is disciplined with regards to railway journey. It is really a pain to travel in train in Bihar, MP and UP.
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    I don't think so this problem persists only in North India. This is problem faced in every part of India. I have in seen some trains travelling from andra and Tamil nadu to Bangalore were local people get into reservation compartments. And to top it they even fight with the reservation ticket holders to provide a space to sit and they make the journey uncomfortable. This is the daily problem that people travelling in reserved compartments face.

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    This is a big problem in all railway divisions. But it is very high in north than south.

    In south generally the regular passengers who will travel to their home town from work place will get into reserved compartments. They will get down with in 1 or 1.5 hours and then the compartment doors will be closed. No more disturbance. People with general ticket getting into reserved compartments is very rare.

    But in north people will get into even first class compartments and disturb the passengers. They will not get up and they will never think of people travelling by making advanced reservations. Here TTC is also helpless.

    This problem is yet to be solved.

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    Well, it is a common site one can witness when one travels through Indian Railways. I have seen that the problem is more pronounced in the North than in other parts of India. The local passengers harass the passengers in the reserved compartments beyond limit. The issue gets more aggravated in the states like Bihar, UP and MP. Most of the people behaving that way exhibit hooliganism. Even the authorities are helpless in such situations.
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