Mission of a termite

I am a termite. Since my birth I have learnt a single thing - I have learnt to make those things hollow where I reside. If I remain inside a chair, I make it hollow. If I live in a table, I make it hollow. If I stay in an almirah, I make it hollow and weak. I make these things useless. Slowly and steadily, I destroy these furnitures. This is my life's mission.

However, whenever human beings come to know that there are termites inside the furnitures, they promptly call pest-control people. They try to destroy me, my friends and colleagues. This is their continuous effort.

But I have been astonished to find that there is a country in this Earth where some people behave like termites. They act like me. Their only mission is to slowly destroy the country where they live. They adopt various methods to weaken the country which provides them everything. Their mission is to destroy that country. Another thing is more astonishing. If the common people of that country come to know about the existence of these human termites, they generally do not attempt to destroy these human termites. They tolerate them in the name of freedom of expression or freedom of speech. As a result, these human termites are becoming successful in their mission of weakening the country where they reside. The country is slowly moving towards destruction. Common people of that country make every effort to take the country to unassailable height in every field, and the human termites are trying to destroy the edifice of the country.

Do you know the name of the country?

(Competition entry: TOW contest for the week 26th February – 4th March 2017: 'Mission')