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    Select a good befitting title for your favourite member.

    We have crossed February to forget the past and live in harmony without any worry. Let us enjoy some fun at ISC and march happily in this lovely March. Something appeared in my mind. Why not we ISCian get some good title for the members in our good heart. Every member must be observing the other members character, behavior, contribution etc. With that, we should select the best title befitting them.

    The title so selected should be positive, and should not hurt the feeling and sentiment of the person. Indeed, it should brighten up their face. The title should be a pleasant one and should be accepted by the awardee. So, be careful in selecting the title.

    If any member posts an ill-fitting title, ISC editors should jump into action to delete it.

    Members, Don't worry as we forgot February. Please march ahead in this March with your title selection.
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    Here are some tittles against the members with whom I have been exchanging responses.
    Sun- Creative thinking at writing, Creative mind at work, overall a think tank of unusual thinking
    Vandana- Mustering the oneness with profess
    Venkiteshwaran- Thinking process better than the youth and middle age.
    Juana - Thinking differently and appending aptly
    Partha- Good observation in and around , sharing the best for the rest.
    Kalyani- Modern thinking with modest caliber

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The title should be very simple in a single phrase(It should be a single or two or three words only). You give a suitable title and give a detailed explanation if required.

    No life without Sun

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    My titles to my favorite members.

    WM Tony John - Man of Understanding (MU)
    WM Jose Mathew - Master of Silence (MS)
    WM Timmy John - Pay Master (PM)
    Vandana - Excellent Administrator (EA)
    Mohan - Excellent Score Master (ESM)
    Juana - Excellent English Teacher (EET)
    Gypsy - Technical Savvy (TS)

    @ More to follow

    No life without Sun

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