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    Why should ISC editors delete the threads abruptly? Why not edit it to remain in the forum?

    Why should ISC editors delete a post? Why not they edit it and let it remain in the forum?
    The word edit suggests that the duty of an editor is to edit a thing. But deleting a post will make us call them as 'Destroyers'( A new post).

    What I suggest is - Whenever an editor feels that a thread raised by a member is not to his taste, They should not delete the entire thread, but he/she should edit it by omitting the unnecessary/ill fitting words and adding the appropriate words, and let it remain as a thread.

    I am sure, this will be acceptable to all members, and there won't be any query or complaint against the editor.

    Dear ISC,
    Will you and your editors do it?
    Do you support my suggestion?
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    I am also duly supporting the Sun views that if the member raises the post and the editors found it with some discrepancies and needed to be tuned down, they can do on their own and make it remain in the forum. One more thing we the members are having our quota to raise threads and if some threads are deleted or removed, then we are loosing the quota too and soon it will exhaust. Any way the ISC is punishing the member with deletion , removal or even negative points, then they must restore our rights to post fresh thread instead of deleted thread. Hope my suggestion would be heard.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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