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    What happened during my absence?

    Since yesterday morning, I could not come to the platform of ISC. I had some personal work. When I finished the work yesterday evening, the internet connection at my residence had some problem, which is still continuing. As a result, I was absent from this platform for a quite long time. When I opened my ISC account today morning in office, I found that my points have been re-calculated and around 50 points have been reduced, apparently from 'Forum Response' head. Furthermore, around 500 alerts got autometically deleted.

    I am now astonished! Why have I suddenly lost around 50 points? How have 500 alerts got deleted?Is there any bug in the system?

    Editors may kindly check the matter.
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    Your concern has been brought to the notice of Admin to look into it. Please wait for our response shortly.


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    It is nothing to worry about. Tony ran the script to cleanse the system (which is done periodically). During the cleansing of the system, the points which were there for the deleted responses get removed from the account of a member. The points can be for the negative marking or for the responses which were posted in a thread which was deleted later on. Also, the updates which are there for a long time also get removed.

    It is done to remove the unwanted material in the system to reduce the load on server.

    Hope it helps!

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    I hope the answer given by Gypsy clears the doubt of Partha about the sudden reduction of points and alerts.

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    Mr. Partha,
    My question to you is -Why should you keep 500 alerts alive? Does it benefit you in some way or other? Is it not a bad practice to keep unwanted things with you? This is the reason why our WM goes for a periodical system cleansing to ease the load of ISC server.

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    Mr. Sun: Your question is very pertinent. The simple answer is: This is due to my procastrination.
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    Gypsy is right. We ran our cleanup script last night and that caused some members to lose some points. This is an unavoidable situation in our system.
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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