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    Editors does not replied to my messages.

    I have lots of queries regarding ISC, no one editor replied to my messages.
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    You can post your queries here in the forums itself. Maybe some senior members can help you with your issues, and the editor concerned will also reply here.

    Post it in 'About ISC -> complaints or problems' section.

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    Himanshu, are you sure that you have been honest in raising this thread? Leave alone the private messages, just count the number of threads you have raised on the same point of restriction and points for your answers that have been posted as Anonymous and the responses therein and confirm that you stand by your allegation.
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    Mr. Himanshu Chouhan: For the last one month or so, I have been noticing your one-liner threads. In this connection, I would request you to go to 'More' section (extreme right) and then to 'Help Topics' sub-section. Read these topics very carefully. You can also go through pinned threads and pinned articles. Thereafter, seek clarification in details. Don't raise such one-liner threads.
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    Himanshu I can understand your eagerness to know many things from this site as you are new member and even very active. But when ever you post a message, give details of that so that we can respond rightly and immediately. We the seniors shall definitely help you with the right guidance. Moreover use this forum wisely to clear all your doubts by raising post in detailed manner and it is not necessary for the editors to respond for our each post. Seniors with their wide knowledge shall certainly give replies to your post and for that some time should be given and you should not repeat the posts.
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    Why don't you ask your queries in this thread itself? i hope you will get reply and satisfaction as well.

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    Sir, my AE section restricted to access, after restriction I give response to some queries in AE section. some responses approved but not getting paid and some other responses goes to pending so I want to know what after removing the restriction,Is pending responses getting paid or not.

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    Frankly speaking Himanshu lots of improvement has to be done from your side regarding writing profess and caliber. You are committing small mistakes in spellings which are not allowed in Ask Experts section. Like instead of using the word gave, you are writing as give. So participate well in this forum and improve yourself in writing some good replies.
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    Parth sir, not all the threads are one-liner this thread is once which are end in one line.

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    Mr. Chouhan: As far as I remember, Ms. Joyshree, who is an Editor, has already replied to your query regarding your answers in 'Ask Expert' section. Then why are you raising the same question here?
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    As per my knowledge, ISC has created the well designed and written help page in which you can get the answer for your queries. I am putting the link below. Please go through the help topic you want to clear doubt and the various guideline and the site policy in details. I highly appreciate your enthusiasm to contribute to the site, but at the same time, you should spend some time to read these help topics explained. What editors trying to convey that you should not copy content, violation of guideline, Clear basic grammar(ISC also help to improve in that part). What I observed in your previous thread you are stick to only one sort of problem and this problem is well discussed and explain to you. If you face the same problem again please check previous explanation. Still, if you have doubt message editor and have some patient to get the reply.

    Familiarize more with the site and make your valuable contribution. Avoid mistake otherwise, the penalty will be given to you as the one you are facing.

    Go through this page of ISC Click here

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    Himanshu Chauhan,
    Kindly post all your queries once for all in this thread. We senior members, editors, Managing editor and Web Masters will try to solve your problem. Come on.... shoot your problems in series.
    Problem No. 1?
    Problem No. 2?
    Problem No..........?

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