Teacher and parent relationship and parents care

Yesterday, I attended one annual day function of a Nursery and Primary School. In that function many cultural activities went on and on the end they organised for a speech of chief guest, special visitors. In the end there was prize give away functions was there. Many children were given with prizes for their winning in the sports, top rank etc.. Finally, the Headmistress showed a boy in the dais saying that the boy was an old student of the school. He was very shy in the class during his tenure and on the final year of class also he did not speak with any other student as well teachers for any thing as he was very quite in all his activities but ranking more than average and in some subject he scored class first also. To make him alright the Headmistress arranged for pros and cons discussion and asked the boy to head for that. Initially he, though hesitated, did his role well. But to their surprise, the headmistress told that he stood first in all subjects of his class as well in all competitions arranged in the new school. His father came to this Headmistress and told this information with proud and showed all his medals and certificates. This headmistress told this information in the dais with proud and offered a prize for him. But the special guest intervened in the middle and announced that the proud is not only for the parents but also for the teachers and school. He further called the father of the boy to the stage adn honoured him with shawl.

But the pity in this is no parents are clapping on any situation that end of cultural programme done by the children(really they all did well) and in the time of prize giving. some parents did not participated at all. These all depicting the bad relationship between the teachers and parents. Parents should consult the teachers at some interval so that they can track their children well. Many parents are ready to pour money on their childrens education but do not care in their daily routine.