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    Implication of God realization in Humans

    we,humans do not remember God in our daily routine, nor we convey our thanks to the God for his gift of this life. Only when we got some disturbance or problem we run towards Him.
    saint sankaracharya stressed the necessity of remembering God as our routine in daily life through a story.
    A Civil engineer was on the process of a huge project of constructing multi storied building. One day he was standing on the top of the building on progress and for some clarification he called the
    meistry (supervisor) who was on the ground. He contacted him over his mobile but the supervisor did not take the mobile but busy in his work with his assistants. He dropped a one rupee coin on him but he without noticing anywhere took the coin,kept in his packet and continued his work. The enginee dropped 500 rupee note on him by folding but he did not noticed anything but take the money and continued his work. Finally he took a small stone and throw on him. He felt with some pain look upwad.
    Like this only we also.
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    Yes, that is true. Every person should thank God for this beautiful life everyday but people only rememeber God during the difficult times. Maybe God has created both happiness and sadness only to create that fear of leading a truthful life.

    If people only have happiness and peaceful life everytime they do not understand the value of life or God.

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    It is true that most of the people remember God only in times of adversity.
    It means human beings are basically selfish. They offer their prayers to God only when they are in problem.
    In fact God is something beyond our reach and also beyond our comprehension. We must not take him as a medicine in case of illness. God is something which we should pray on a regular basis without any selfish motive.
    Then only the real feeling of prayer will emerge out from our inner self and give us the peace and tranquility for which the purpose of prayer is meant.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I realize the presence of God everywhere.It is my belief nothing is possible without God's will.When he pleases with you surround with good people.He sees all our actions.We should start our day with God's Prayer.We should also thank God before going to bed .
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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