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    Does high profile weddings expenses make sense?

    How much common or middle class family spend on family weddings? Surely not in billions but check out high profile VIP weddings. The amount they spend on it could enrich one entire town for lifetime. Does high profile weddings expenses make sense? While all couple wanted their marriages should remain unforgotten , is it really required to spend that much for sake of prestige in society. Few years later you see these celebrities might get into divorce. Though it is individual choice of expenses, are we really falling prey to luxury and money arrogance?
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    We the people of India are well known for wedding spending. I don't know why Indian make the marriage as the status symbol to show the people. The people who hardly remember their wedding and other question what they will get by making people remember their wedding. Marriage is the bond between the two and their family and the joy should be limited to them only. I will be happy if the wedding couple will remember their marriage rather people. People should invest in making relation strong. Extra range expense on the wedding by the wealthy family. I can understand they have it and ready to spend as their will.
    But the big problem is that the common man who hardly has money to spend on marriage are ready to take the loan for marriage expense. It should not happen. So the limit on marriage expense should impose by law.

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    It doesn't make sense but it is designed with emotional component in mind. And emotions can't be argued.

    When it comes to fat wedding they are equal to dowry. For example in dowry man pays money to another man. And it becomes crime. In fat wedding man spends his saving for wedding and it becomes shagun for daughter. More expensive the wedding, the more love parents are showing towards kids is an assumption. Just like dowry even fat wedding affects the pocket of someone, it could be either father of bride or the father of groom. If the couple is spending their own money then fair enough. But using parents money for fat wedding is such worst thing anyone could do.

    I have seen women opposing dowry but I have yet to meet a single woman who opposes fat wedding. Almost every woman likes fat wedding, because it's about them. Not about money going to dowry. So they don't feel like opposing.

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    Recently I had the grace to attend one of the lavish wedding done by my friend and I was baffled at the amount spent on decorations and other items just to please the guests. What I feel that wedding is the culmination of two hearts for the best life in future and for that spending too much is the waste and it is nothing but show off action by certain Individual that they wont compromise on wedding. Believe it or not 84 sweets, 24 varieties of Dosas, Many varieties of Chat items , Biryani varieties from every corner of the country and above all regular meal with vast menu. Just cant imagine how much a Individual would taste and eat. The catering people are the big earners here as they count for the plates and the guests we seen tasting with sipping and licking mode and I can understand how much was wasted on that day. I am totally against the lavish wedding which is nothing but foolishness on the part of both sides.
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    Lavish weddings does not make sense at all. I still do not understand what is the necessity of spending so much on a wedding. People spend more to show off to others than for their own happiness. I feel people who have hard earned money will not spend unnecessarily as they know the value of every buck they spend. Only black money holders will spend lavishly because that is not their hard earned money and more over they know they can again make money. Making money is no difficult job for them. What I would say is, if people really have money and want to spend then instead of spending unnecessarily on wedding, they can help the poor. That way atleast they can make some good deed and make others smile.

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    Unnecessary spending on marriage is a mere waste. Marriage is bond made by man between a male and female. How much strongly they like each other or accept each other is the important point. If thousands of people attend and witness the function what is that extra we are gaining. But now a days it has become an occasion to showcase your prestige. Offer many varieties in the food, spend lot of money on decorating the venue, fire works, gifts to guests all these are very costly affairs. But no body stops spending. Middle class people also take loans and spend lot of money for marriages. One should not support this. Government should bring in a limit on the expenditure for marriages
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    Lavish weddings may look great to the guests and other public but frankly speaking these pomp and show business are actually social evil.
    The irony is no one is ready to do it simply. Even the lower class wants to celebrate in the best possible manner whether he has to take a loan for it. It is question of ones prestige !
    If we go back in time the tradition of marriage is linked to shift of the girl to boys house and in this process the brides father gives some money and jewellery to the daughter as she is practically leaving her father's house for good and father also entertains the guests who have witnessed the ceremony.
    With time this basic procedure changed to cruel world of dowry and pomp and show.
    Rich people are hell bent that other people see their affluence in such functions and leave no stone unturned in making the marriage a grand show.
    Politicians are one step ahead. They mobilize all the business people whom they have favoured on such occasions and do not hesitate to offer week long fun parties to whole of their village or even town.
    Such extravagance is highly infectious and in a bid to outstand from the friends and relatives people go to any extent.
    The outcome is disastrous and the middle and lower class are the victims who have not such big means to fund the grand marriages of their children but are forced to copy in a expensive but shabby show off.

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    If you have the resource why not spend it? It is not a symbol of wealth but love. There are many other things we can avoid.
    Spending million on defense equipment. How do we think all those terror groups get their munitions which they can neither produce nor buy? It is fueled by big businesses and States who do not want stability in the world. So spending a few millions on ones daughters wedding is not much of a problem or a social issue. If you have it flaunt it. That have been the credence since time immemorial.

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    This is my second post. The first one was in the negative for a reason. Marriages in India are perceived as the contract between Rama and Sita. A divine contract. So to give importance to the conjugal existence the groom is being invited in splendor. No man existing in the world do give his child to penury. Simple as that!

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